Dr Geert Vanden Bossche Warns: Trouble Ahead

Dr Geert Vanden Bossche is a world renowned expert in immunology & vaccinology. He has been courageous and self-sacrificing in warning and educating the public.

Stock up on ivermectin, halt the shots, and hunt the global predators.

Dr Geert Vanden Bossche is a world renowned expert in immunology and vaccinology. He has been courageous and self-sacrificing in warning and educating the public regarding the covid agenda and the forced injection campaigns.

Antibody mediated selection and antibody dependent enhancement, are a deadly combination. Together, the man-made SARS C0V2 virus, and the covid-19 genetic “vaccine” injections, are a synergistic bioweapon system.

These serious biologic threats, are among the reasons I call for everyone to have your “eyes wide open“, brace for impact, and hunt the global-predators with full intensity and focus.

Dr Vanden Bossche has very deep understanding of the intricacies of virology, vaccinology. herd immunity, immune escape, immune dysfunction, and antibody dependent enhancement. He is unassuming, well informed, slow and meticulous in coming to conclusions, and courageous and compassionate in warning and advising us. The future is hard to predict, but I recommend giving serious consideration to Dr Vanden Bossche’s warnings.

Assuming my predictions are correct, who will be at risk and who will not? – Dr Geert Vanden Boscche. 

Here Dr Vanden Bossche identifies who he believes are at the greatest risk of severe covid disease ahead; and he describes three disease waves in highly “vaccinated” populations: first, the wave of inflammatory and coagulatory disease that we have been experiencing; second, a current and growing wave of autoimmune diseases; and third, a wave expected to soon follow which is that of hyper-acute covid-19 disease.

I continue to warn you that if the covid-criminals are allowed to maintain their hold on the WHO, governments, health ministries, medical regulators, and propagandists; that they will blame the anticipated waves of covid disease ahead on the “unvaccinated”. That is a dangerous inversion of reality.  

My friend Dr Vanden Bossche holds an alternative perspective, which is that it will be too obvious that severe disease is unique to injection victims, and spares the “unvaccinated” ; so he predicts that people will not be fooled this way.

“Will the unvaccinated once again be blamed, if your predictions come true?” - Dr Geert Vanden Bossche.

I hope and pray that we hunt the global predators and end this war; that we liberate the best doctors, nurses, and safe medicines like ivermectin to treat the anticipated severe infections ahead; that these genetic injections or anything like them is banned everywhere forever; and that human rights and health freedom are restored for the innocent.

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