Big Pharma’s Future Part 4 | Dr Geert Vanden Bossche

The Impact of Mass Vaccination on strengthening the SARS C0V2 Virus

Here is the next instalment of the five part Vienna series on what the future of “big pharma” should be. Dr Geert Vanden Bossche is a world renowned expert in immunology and vaccinology. The application of mass vaccination has profound and dangerous effects on the evolution of an active virus. While the covid-19 “vaccines” are directly hurting and killing people, the mass vaccination is also helping the SARS C0V2 evolve and present prolonged and increasing danger particularly to the most injected people. This is just one of the dangerous impacts of mass covid vaccination that Dr Vanden Bossche explains. The mass covid injection campaigns are reckless at best.

Dr Vanden Bossche concludes with a forecast for what lies ahead and advice for our survival.

The Better Way events from September 15 through 19, 2022 in Vienna, Austria were hosted by We Show Our Faces and co-sponsored by the World Council for Health.

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