How Covid “Vaccines” Cripple the Immune System | Part 4 of 5

Antibody Mediated Selection

About this video

Here is the fourth of five short videos to explain how the forced covid injections damage their victims’ immune systems, rendering them more vulnerable to: coronaviruses and other infections, as well as cancer. Knowledge is power.  In this fourth video we explain Antibody Mediated Selection: a process whereby the antibodies produced in response to the covid injections, are driving the evolution of the coronavirus spike protein  to circumvent the artificially induced  antibodies. The resultant evolving coronavirus variants are particularly dangerous to the injected individuals. Also if these injection  campaigns and ongoing boosters are not stopped, the spike protein could become so modified as to present unknown dangers even to  naturally immune persons.   

Thanks Iron Will and Strong and Free Canada for partnering to produce this 5 part series.

Here are the prior three videos in this series:

  1. Understanding the Immune System
  2. Blocking the Innate Immune System; Original Antigenic Sin 
  3. Antibody Dependent Enhancement
  4. Antibody Mediated Selection. This post.
  5. To be released soon.

For a broader study of the forced covid injections and how they cause injuries and death, see Covid “Vaccines” : How Dangerous Are They? 

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