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An Injection of Truth | Complete

Dr Byram Bridle, Dr William Makis, Dr Eric Payne, Dr Jessica Rose, Dr Chris Shoemaker, Dr David Speicher, Dr Trozzi, Jeffery Rath, Dan Heartman, Shaun Newman, Darrell Komick, Eric Bouchard, and more.

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Wins of the Week Ep23 with Ted Kuntz

Canada’s WEF agents exposed; children defended; medical freedom revived; Federal Reserve CBDC’s blocked; Chris Cuomo redeemed; unvaxed military vindicated; and Dr Tenpenny restored.

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Wins of the Week Ep22 with Ted Kuntz

Provinces reject federal abuse; NIH funded Wuhan; CDC admits side effects; doctors awaken; BC lawyers unite; rights restored; Dr. McCullough calls out COVID agenda; Pastor Pawlowski stands firm.

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