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Wins of the Week Ep17 with Ted Kuntz

Prosecuting covid crimes, stopping pedophilia and gender confusion in schools, exiting the WHO, and a tsunami of full spectrum truth from entertainers, doctors, investigators and political prisoners.

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Wins of the Week Ep15 with Ted

MP Colin Carrie exposes lies and negligence of Health Canada, Ministry of Health admits they pushed covid jabs without evidence of efficacy, Truckers and Farmers protest carbon tax, and much more.

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Wins of the Week Ep13 with Ted Kuntz

Saving women’s sports; defending children and their parent’s rights; ridiculous redacted government documents and Canada’s Information Commissioner’s investigation, and much more.

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Wins of the Week EP11 with Ted Kuntz

Judges making sane decisions, nurses reinstated, covid truth dominating, students winning lawsuits, drug companies facing justice, Fauci’s forked tongue, a free movie, and more.

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Protocols That Kill

My conversation with Chatham Kent police officer Clarence Wiersma’s widow Evelien; plus my notes from reviewing his hospital records.

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