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Wins of the Week Ep21 with Ted Kuntz

MPs expose Health Canada, Daszak’s funding cut, Florida bans fake meat, Astrazenica sued, Quebec lawyer denounces the bar, RFK sues Facebook, Elon Musk expands aid for Canada, WCH-CA launch and more

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Wins of the Week Ep19 with Ted Kuntz

Law suits advance, 6k drugs’ side effects indexed, drag queen story time exits public libraries, US states block WHO, vaccines rejected, pharma profits down, medical school propaganda

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Wins of the Week Ep17 with Ted Kuntz

Prosecuting covid crimes, stopping pedophilia and gender confusion in schools, exiting the WHO, and a tsunami of full spectrum truth from entertainers, doctors, investigators and political prisoners.

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Wins of the Week Ep15 with Ted

MP Colin Carrie exposes lies and negligence of Health Canada, Ministry of Health admits they pushed covid jabs without evidence of efficacy, Truckers and Farmers protest carbon tax, and much more.

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