Dr Mark Trozzi MD has practiced Emergency Medicine In Canada for 25 years, taught critical resucitation and advance trauma care for over a decade, and held teaching positions in 3 Canadian medical schools. While on call in multiple emergency units when covid-19 was launched, including one designated specifically for Covid-19, he noted severe discrepancies of medical science, ethical norms and human rights, and misrepresention of dangerous genetic injections as “safe and effective.” At the end of 2020, he walked away from his entire pre-existing career and income, sold his home, and committed himself completely to alerting the public, advancing genuine medical science despite the current climate, and supporting the drive for justice.  

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Here you will find a vast, and searchable collection of resources concerning the so-called covid “vaccines”, coronavirus infections and treatment, the covid-crimes-against-humanity, and important information for achieving optimal health.

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