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I hope you find knowledge, methods, and inspiration here to help improve your health, and fulfill your role in making the world a better place. There is a broad, vast, and searchable collection of resources concerning the so-called covid “vaccines”, coronavirus infections and treatment, the covid-crimes-against-humanity, and important information for healthy living from detoxification, to reversing diabetes, nutrition and achieving optimal health. Written material is available in 23 languages. Please enjoy and thrive! 

1000 peer reviewed articles on “Vaccine” injuries

An ultimate and organized library to empower research, back up law suits, support criminal charges, or effect political change. It’s also abundant proof for anyone who is still buying the “safe and effective” claim, but is willing to look at the evidence.

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This is hilarious!

Ivermectin irony and the CPSO. You can’t make this stuff up! It makes me certain that God has a great sense of humour! 4 Minute Video.

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