Dr. Mark Trozzi

Dr Trozzi | Urgent Message to Doctors and Nurses

Pfizer committed fraud. Health Canada confirmed hidden SV40 promoter sequence. The injections are even worse than we thought.

Dr Trozzi’s urgent brief message to doctors and nurses. It is an important message for everyone including politicians, judges, and medical regulators. Everyone was lied to. Pfizer committed fraud. The genetic injections are even worse than we thought and must be stopped immediately.  

Please help get this to everyone.

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  1. Hello Dr Trozzi,
    Thank you sincerely for all you are doing !!! God Himself will not allow these evildoers go unpunished ,their day is drawing ever closer. This I believe with all my heart. So He has wonderful rewards for those trying to do what is right !!!! So thank you again.
    I am unable to “open” this video ,can you advise another format please
    as I so wanted to watch it.
    Kindest Regards and Love

  2. Perfect message but will the medical community listen? Today Health [sic] Canada is promoting that two injections of this poison be given to babies by six months. This is unconscionable. The knowledge and info is out there for all medical practitioners to access but I wonder how many will willfully ignore the facts and commit assault or murder on those that still trust them!?

    1. There are plenty of ethical medical people out there, Brad, but I fear too many will either refuse to see the truth, or have been bought by Big Pharma. Remember, if you repeat a big lie often enough and with sufficient conviction, many will eventually believe it.

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