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The Truth about Ivermectin

It can cure covid, save lives, support immunity, block the business of the deadly “vaccines”, and even help treat their toxic effects; but the global predators have a different plan. The war against ivermectin is a war against you and

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A Bird’s Eye View of the Ivermectin Controversy

Rare persons get very sick with a coronavirus. For those that do, there are very safe and effective treatments that dramatically reduce suffering and risk of death. Sadly, in many countries, the availability and knowledge of these great early treatment

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Ivermectin, Joe Rogan, and Guilty Puppets in Media.

Joe Rogan recently had covid and made a speedy recovery Joe feels great after ivermectin & multi-drug treatment “Horse Dewormer” CNN, part of the Criminal Covid Enterprise, claimed that he took “horse dewormer”, and ridiculed the treatment. That’s part of

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Ivermectin Works

Discussing a safe and suppressed antiviral treatment for Covid-19 History and Physiology Ivermectin has a great history as a medicine for parasites like worms, and it won a Nobel prize in 2015 for this virtue. Horse enthusiasts are familiar with

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