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Burying the Evidence

"Vaccinated" Canadians Suffer Most From Covid

Please allow me 7 minutes to share some data and news from Ontario and Canada. It is very important that we are aware of certain realities, in order to prevent ourselves and others from being misled into extremely bad decisions.

People who have been coerced into the covid-19 injections have higher case rates, hospitalizations, and deaths from covid. Rather than responding appropriately, the Canadian government plans endless injections while the Ontario provincial government is burying the evidence.  

Around the world, the injections are causing disease and death from many causes including covid; but the perpetrators of the agenda are misleading the public into taking more injections, while also blaming the problem on the “unvaccinated”.

Thanks for studying, sharing and supporting our work. 

-Mark Trozzi MD


  1. Jessica Rose substack article: Ontario hospitalization data by ‘vaccination’ status. If you are INJECTED (that’s a verb) then you are INJECTED.
  2. Canadian Nurse Exposes the Scam: Injected, but not “vaccinated”…yet.
  3. CA Health Minister Duclos Declares Eternal Covid Injections. This is sinister. The injections are the disease, not the cure.
  4. Over to the Youth

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