RCMP Investigating Trudeau hate crime. Call this number now!

Join fellow Canadians helping the RCMP advance the criminal investigation. It's a simple phone call. Take action now!

All hands on deck!

We have great news! The RCMP have received so many citizen complaints about Trudeau’s hate speech, that they have set up a specific office dedicated to this investigation. A criminal investigation of Trudeau for hate speech is active, and the RCMP are politely taking our calls.

Call the RCMP at 613-993-6884

This phone number is dedicated to the current Justin Trudeau hate crime investigation. Add your voice to fellow Canadians who are rightfully complaining about Trudeau’s most recent crimes: hate speech. When calling, we found the RCMP very polite, receptive, and responsible. The law applies to everyone.

Update on last call to action

Also thank you for the massive response to our January 8 call to action for email messages for the attorney general in dealing with Justin Trudeau’s hate speech against victims of medical apartheid who have refused to submit to the forced injections. More than ten thousand of your emails were received by noble Ontario lawyer Suzanne Coles, before her email server shut down under strain of volume. 

Your emails are being studied and indexed. The attorney general will be receiving extensive materials. We will keep you posted.