Covid “Vaccine” Performance Update | Plothe and Trozzi

Christof Plothe DO and Mark Trozzi MD look at how the C-19 genetic injections are performing in relation to coronavirus infection rates and disease.

Aside From Deaths & Injuries, How Are C-19 “Vaccines” Performing for Covid Infections?

Here is a new report from Christof Plothe and myself.

In this Covid-19 “vaccine” performance update, Christof Plothe DO and Mark Trozzi MD set aside the unprecedented adverse events data, to look at how the C-19 genetic injections are performing in relation to coronavirus infection rates and disease.

Don’t miss this high-speed tour of recent evidence regarding the performance of the Covid-19 spike producing genetic injections, with regard to their impact specifically on Covid-19 disease. Do they reduce or increase one’s risk of infection, and by how much?

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The FDA knew on September 17, 2021 that people who got the COVID “vaccine” were 2 x more likely to be infected.   



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