Synergistic Bioweapons

Medicos Pela Vida Covid-19 from Brazil held an excellent World Congress featuring covid experts from five continents. Here is Dr Trozzi’s 24 minute presentation titled “Synergistic Bioweapon”. Here he presents strong evidence of how the original SARS CoV2 virus released in late 2019, and the ongoing forced injections work in synergy to damage human immune systems while nurturing dangerous coronavirus evolution.

Months ago, Dr Trozzi  detailed and predicted many of the ill effects of the forced injections in the video and article Covid “Vaccines” How Dangerous Are They. By now, the forced injections can only reasonably be referred to as bioweapons. We are now observing many predicted ill effects including  immune system damage, and Antibody Mediated Selection (probable source of the omicron variant).  Please don’t miss this important science update, and help spread the warning.

Body of subject starts at 6:10.