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James Roguski WHO Good News

James Roguski from the United States keeps a constant vigil over the WHO’s tricks and schemes. They are breaking their own rules because the world is waking up.

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Take Action Now | End The WHO

Dr Tess Lawrie and Dr Peter McCullough one minute video; a great WCH Document explaining the whys and hows to end the WHO; and 2 easy strategic actions to take.

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Exit the WHO. Why and How

The top 3 reasons why this is absolutely essential to our dignified survival; and a Canadian resources to help us do what must be done The International Health Regulations amendments include establishing global medical martial law, removing “respect for dignity,

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Fight the WHO Now!

The WHO is the globalists’ conduit to impose their wicked agendas upon us. They are moving fast and in secrecy to enslave the entire population of the world. We must be vigilant and actively fight them now. I am confident that

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Historical Dictators Who Identified As Doctors

Dr Guirguis enlightening speech from a December 9, 2022 Adam Skelly Fundraiser in Toronto. I was very happy to attend this event. Dr Emad Guirguis, Dr Chris Shoemaker, Dr Paul Alexander and myself all spoke. Here is the first video

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The WHO is a Neo-Colonialist Weapon

The WHO was founded to end fascism and colonialism; but now is a weapon of global predators used against humanity. This post is inspired by Dr David Bell’s October 10th, 2022 presentation to the General Assembly of the World Council

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