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WEF Fascism explained in 1 minute

Speaking on Fox News, Ned Ryan explains the WEF and their use of covid, climate change, and other deceptive campaigns to corral us into death and slavery.

One may accurately label the WEF as “modern fascists” or “neo-feudalists”. Either way the agenda involves manipulating us through disinformation and fear, into living and dying as slaves, of these self appointed over-lords. In just one minute while conversing with Laura Ingraham, Ned Ryan of the American Majority, makes this very clear. I fully endorse his statements; they are completely accurate.

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  1. Media, RCMP, CSIS refuse to investigate my six terror incidents wherein my three Toronto newspaper workers 1999-2017 were EACH burnt out of their homes, my new car was blown up and two attempts were made on my life. My advertisers were also threatened. Just to let you know. I am reduced to just doing astrology readings since I predicted 911 within 30 days and more recently predicted to the exact day last September that Putin would be empowered to greatly increase the army by conscripting 300,000 Russians in his first draft that now comprises 1,500,000.

  2. “Fanatical political organization” – bingo !
    “Global public- private fascism movement and fusion” – bingo again !
    “Feudalism 2.0” – lottery is over 😷

    Very good summary of direction Western countries march into.

  3. Klaus Schwab and the WEF which Trudeau, Chystia ( hair flip) Freeland plus our former Governor General Mark Carnie are all in with the WEF and both Carnie and Freeland are on the Board of Trustees of this rogue fascist organization. Schwab and his advisor Yuval Harari can only be described as Psychopaths as their goals are similar to that of Adolf Hitler.
    They want to take control of the entire planet and reduce the rest of us to serfdom, meanwhile reducing the population through viruses and poisonous vaccine injections. So when Trudeau is booted out of office and Mark Carnie replaces him remind yourself what he is as well, that of being a willing board member of a Fascist organization.

  4. Is it possible we have a fight between good and evil? Sure seems that way to me after 3 years!

  5. “The Mythology of Global Warming” by Bruce C. Bunker (2018) is very persuasive. Here are the 9 myths he picks apart in his fact-based book, one per chapter:

    1. Myth: Carbon dioxide and methane produced from fossil fuel and the digestive systems of cows are the dominant greenhouse gases on Earth. Industrialized societies such as the US are responsible for the production of both gases and are thus guilty of destroying our planet.

    2. Myth: The Earth’s temperature was essentially constant until the combustion of fossil fuels and the generation of greenhouse gases in the Industrial Age caused the Earth’s temperature to spiral upward and out of control.

    3. Myth: There is a direct correlation between atmospheric CO2 concentrations and the temperature of the Earth. Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations have never been higher than they are today due to the combustion of fossil fuels. Unless fossil fuel combustion is stopped, the Earth will become a burned out cinder.

    4. Myth: Global warming is causing all of the ice on Earth to melt, destroying the planet’s ecosystem and inducing catastrophic rises in sea levels that are destroying coastal cities and civilizations.

    5. Myth: Global warming is powering new, destructive weather patterns across the globe, including the spawning of more frequent and violent hurricanes and tornados, droughts, floods, windstorms, and even record cold and snowstorms.

    6. Myth: Global warming is causing mass extinctions equivalent to the worst natural disasters experienced in the history of life on Earth.

    7. Myth: Over 95% of all scientists agree that the science of global warming is settled and that man-made climate change represents reality. Anyone who does not believe what the media and climate scientists are saying about global warming is either stupid or is a criminal who should be put in jail.

    8. Myth: Renewable energy sources managed by the government represent the only hope for saving the planet from global warming.

    9. Myth: Advocates for global warming have only one noble objective in mind, which involves protecting the Earth from evil human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels.

  6. It is no wonder why Bill G’s wife left him, he was a level higher more evil, being tied in with Epstein and the Island, then her agenda of reducing population by sterilization and abortion… Evil with Evil breads only Evil… A corrupt mind, like a faulty foundation, is not and cannot do good, in time it all caves in… The foundation of Evolution breads only more deception because all of it’s assumptions are derived from a faulty narrative, from the bottom up… A diseased tree never bares good fruit… As Yuval Noah Harari second in command of the WEF says it, he has no soul and is an animal, and even a derivative of a plant, therefor we should treat them as plants and animals until they repent and realize they are suppose to be humans… Their minds are corrupt at the basement entry level… When you convince a brain of that belief it actually will except and believe it and that’s why we see all these evil, crazy, ideologies today, because the belief in evolution, though completely unproven is the basic mindset of the greater population… It will only be put to a final end when the Creator returns, though to late for most, but then they will realize how duped they’ve become because of their own pride, lusts and desires to be a god… God said, never again will he destroy the earth by a global flood, but he will judge every human individually and separate them, sheep from the goats… Right & Left, Truth and Lie are paramount in this judgment, one will live on forever which the left is attempting to do on their own disastrous endeavours as Harari says, hackable animals and live in a matrix of chemical evolution, and the others will enter a second death and be cast into outer darkness… These are not my words or concept, but the Words of the Creator himself… As surely as we have day and night now, these events must and will take place regardless of one’s opinion… At that time a personal ideology or opinion will mean absolutely nothing… In the mean time we hold and stand our ground as a restrainer and move forward in life seeking those who’s minds are not completely corrupt and through reason will come to know the Truth and when they do, they too will be set free and be free indeed… Let us also remember, God said he would turn many over to a debased mind when the continue to reject the Truth and desire their own way, meaning they will believe the lies… It’s “impossible” to change their mind, unless God releases them of their mindset through repentance… I believe this is what answers the question of mass psychosis… Read: https://www.gotquestions.org/God-gave-them-over.html

  7. Sure, this is succinct, and I agree with most of it. But it doesn’t address my liberal friends where they are, and it makes the same assumptions about them that they make about Fox News or Trump supporters: that they are stupid and mean.

    One phrase that is especially off-putting is “hoax of global warming.” If he had said the “hoax of HUMAN-CAUSED global warming” more people would pause to think. In other words, explaining that, yes, the climate might be shifting but that’s part of Earth’s natural cycles. The average person can’t imagine how humans could possible change weather; that’s as unlikely as bacteria on the famous round EPCOT building could change the building in any way.

    We hear that pre-industrial CO2 levels were 250 ppm (parts per million), and 350 ppm is the maximum it can be without affecting weather, and now we’re at 412 ppm of CO2 so we’re really in trouble. But CO2 was up to 4,000 ppm during the age of the dinosaurs. https://eos.org/science-updates/an-unbroken-record-of-climate-during-the-age-of-dinosaurs

    And any sensible person would have a hard time believing that 412 ppm, which is equivalent to 4 pennies out of $100, could have any impact!

  8. What I wouldn’t do to get my past friends and family to hear this. But they call Fox News Trump supporters, so they categorize it as fake news. it is interesting though to know that they too have been bought and paid for and yet they allow some of the truth to spill out. They are indeed controlled opposition, but at this stage, let’s take what we can get if it wakes up a few more folks to the globalist agenda.

    1. I agree with your decision. you have a sane mind.

      My mind goes a bit wonky when I first read the facts.

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