Doctors Zelenko & Breggin with Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

Unfiltered and not politically "correct". Two of the most well informed covid experts in the world. Plus South Africans countering the cover up.

Thanks to Shabnam Palesa Mohamed for this no holds barred interview with the world-renowned Dr Zev Zelenko and specialist author Dr Peter Breggin. These defenders of physical and mental health say what many others are afraid to. This includes calling for compromised doctors to retire, unmasking medical corruption, and calling for jab harm profiteers to face capital punishment. Often explosive, and yet inspiring, there are also moments of surprised laughter when Dr Zelenko calls the relationship between Big Pharma and Big Politics a word nobody was expecting.

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Topics candidly explored include:

  1. Is C19 as a novel virus? What about gain of function vs lab leak?
  2. Why are effective treatments like HCQ censored? Who is involved?
  3. Which institutions are involved in or profit from the ongoing lockdown?
  4. Who should be held accountable for vaccines injuries?
  5. How do people un-indoctrinate themselves, and free humanity?