Dr. Zelenko Speaks to Israeli Officials about covid Injection Campaign

An intense and enlightening presentation


Dr Zelenko of New York was one of the first physicians treating patients with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin. His results were exceptional. He saved thousands of lives and paved the way for others. If his directions had been followed, lives would have been saved, and the whole covid scandal  ended quickly. 
During World War 2, it was predominantly Jewish people who were the victims of the Nazi’s atrocious  “medical experiments”. Following WW2, the Nuremberg Code for medical experimentation was created to prevent this from ever happening again.  As we have discussed in our publication Doctors Nurses Ethics & Law , the experimental covid injection campaigns are completely criminal and violate every aspect of the Nuremberg Code.  So it is a great perversion that Israel is currently the most abusive country in the world, forcing these deadly injections into their citizens. Canada is tied for second worse. 

Here Dr Zelenko speaks with Israeli officials including the minister of health. He is extremely well informed, pulls no punches and discusses everything covid, from medical science, to history and spirituality.