Dr. Ryan Cole | How the Covid “Vaccines” Cause Cancer

The world class pathologist and pioneer of Covid science explains how the injections are causing cancer; plus he supports WCH calls to end the WHO

Dr. Ryan Cole

Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole possesses very deep understanding of coronavirus infections , and the disastrous impacts of the forced covid injections. He has performed autopsies on many injection victims, and studied their diverse organ tissues under microscope. He is a world leader in the techniques of immunoflourescent staining which reveal the profound microscopic vandalism caused by spike proteins throughout the injection victims’ bodies. People have been genetically modified (See: One and Two) and their own cells produce a hyper toxic patented version of the coronavirus spike protein. The genetic modification appears permanent, and the spike protein is much more durable and toxic than a natural coronavirus spike protein.

Dr Cole is a great teacher, and makes profound details easy to understand.

For our many friends that have been lied to or forced into the toxic shots, Dr Cole shares well founded advice to help overcome the toxic effects. We also offer detailed advice here and here.

Dr Cole weighs in briefly on one of mankind’s greatest enemies, the World Health Organization. His analysis is consistent with the work myself and others have been focused on to stop this wicked organization (See: One and Two), as well as it’s evil cousin the WEF, and their partners in covid-crimes including Gates, Fauci, and others. I am pleased that Dr Cole supports the work that we are doing at the World Council For Health to stop the WHO.

Global and Mail HQ: 351 King Street East Suite 1600, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 0N1

Here is the brief clip when Dr Cole shares his assessment of the WHO.

While top world scientists like Dr Cole expose the injections as ineffective at preventing covid, as well as unsafe, cancer causing, and accounting for dramatically increased deaths of people both young and old; the Canadian tax payer funded, big pharma friendly propagandists at the Globe and Mail continue claiming that the reason the “vaccines” aren’t working is because some people aren’t taking them: Check this out: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-unvaccinated-covid-risk-for-vaccinated-canada/

This Globe and Mail Article was written by Andrea Woo. Her opinions differ greatly from Dr Coles.  Here are her qualifications.

Here are Dr Cole’s qualifications.

Do you find one of them more qualified than the other regarding medical science?

The Globe and Mail will be among many accomplices facing criminal and civil charges for the harms they have caused, through these deadly injections. If you are near to the Globe and Mail headquarters please consider serving them this notice. The Globe and Mail is located at 351 King Street East Suite 1600, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 0N1. Please take notes and pictures and report your action here.