Coronavirus messenger RNA creates permanent changes in the human genetic code

Comparing Monsanto's past, with Big Pharma's present

Deep splicing plasticity of the human adenovirus type 5 ...

The forced covid injections being administered in the Western nations are forms of genetic “therapy”. Some including Pfizer and Moderna using lipid nanoparticles to get patented messenger RNA for a synthetic variation of the coronavirus spike protein into the victims’ cells. Others including Astrazenica and Johnson and Johnson use modified monkey adenoviruses to get DNA for the artificial spike protein in the victims’ cells.

Pfizer and Moderna have repeatedly deceived the public claiming that the injections are safe and effective, that they don’t invade the whole body, and that they do not modify the victims’ own genetic structure. We have previously presented some of a growing body of evidence that this is not true, including research involving human liver cells.

I want to thank my friend and fellow courageous covid truth teller, Dr Daniel Nagase, for sharing another article relating to this. It was published May 2021 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and is titled:

Reverse-transcribed SARS-CoV-2 RNA can integrate into the genome of cultured human cells and can be expressed in patient-derived tissues

by Liguo Zhang, Alexsia Richards, M. Inmaculada Barrasa , Stephen H. Hughes , Richard A. Young, and Rudolf Jaenisch

What this study shows

DNA TranscriptionThis study explains why some people continue to produce coronavirus mRNA long after a covid infection is resolved. It shows that the Coronavirus mRNA can be reverse transcribed, or written into the injected humans’ DNA genetic code. This creates a permanent change in the subject, and they can continue to produce coronavirus parts long term, but from their own, now-modified human genetic code. The term “Chimira” used in this article refers to a living thing that is made by combining the genetic codes for multiple distinct species or life forms: in this case a cross of human with coronavirus.

Theorizing beyond this study

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Bill Gates

We’ve discussed before the pliability of coronovirus species that makes them suitable for their weaponization or “gain of function research” that Fauci, Gates, Big Pharma and others are deeply invested in. It is such weaponized “gain of function” patented man-made coronaviruses  that they released against us at least once, possibly more times, since late 2019.

Beyond releasing their viruses on us, the same scum are even more obsessed with injecting us with various substances, both declared and not declared, including the genetic code for their patented man made coronavirus spike proteins, with enhanced persistence and toxicity.  

The above study demonstrates that even with coronavirus infection, coronovirus mRNA can be used to create corresponding DNA which can be incorporated into our human DNA, permanently modifying us, so that our own cells continue creating viral mRNA and perhaps also the proteins for which they code.  

There is also evidence that injected synthetic coronavirus mRNA in the so-called “vaccines” is reverse transcribed and written into injection victims’ permanent DNA genetic code. This has been demonstrated in other studies with the Pfizer injection.

We have previously discussed that on laboratory analysis of the forced injections (covid-“vaccines”) there is much more complex organic material in the injections than should not be there based on the claimed amount of mRNA for the patented spike protein. Is this just because the injections are very “dirty” or poorly made, with lots of random contaminants in them? Alternatively, the unaccounted complex organic material may be more mRNA that the injection promoters want to also have incorporated into our genetic code. I suspect the latter: intentional extra genetic material, rather than just random contaminants. If this is correct, in light of this and other research showing the reverse transcriptase effect; then Bill Gates, Fauci and their accomplices may be intentionally modifying the genetic codes of their victims. No one signs up for that, when they roll up their sleeve to take the forced and coerced so-called “vaccine”.

Comparing what is now happening to humans with what Monsanto has been doing to plants for decades

Monsanto's "Promise" Not to Sue Farmers is Total Bunk ...I hope the reader is aware of Monsanto, a corporation repeatedly voted as the most evil corporation on Earth. Monsanto created genetically modified glyphosate resistance plants, and other biologic abominations involving food crops and seeds. Monsanto routinely invade fields from neighboring land with genetically modified pollen. This permanently changes and contaminates the heirloom crops of traditional people. Next Monsanto lays claim over the people’s crops whose seeds are forever tainted with their genetic manipulation.

In summary, Monsanto invades and destroys a farmer’s traditional crops and seeds. Then adding insult to injury, Monsanto sues the farmers for “using” their patented genes without a license. The farmers lose their traditional seed lines, and are either forced out of farming, or into forever paying Monsanto for genetically modified seeds and growing their “Frankenstein” crops.    

I believe in many ways, that what Monsanto has been doing to plants for decades, big pharma and their accomplices are now doing to humans: genetically modifying them without their knowledge, and against their will.