Danger Alert | WCH Action against WHO “Pandemic” Power Grab.

As if the last two years haven't been bad enough, the WHO is conjuring more global power. Help us stop them.

The Tedros occupied WHO is one of the unholy triad who are at the top of the covid deception, fraud, human rights violations, racketeering, and violent crimes against humanity.

They have a history of crafting deceptive contracts, and redefining words, to give themselves  “emergency” powers. For more than two years now, the WHO have used their previously crafted “emergency powers” to submit, kill, and crush much of modern civilization.  

Desperate for some good news and a few drops of human rights, many people are now feeling a little relieved, because some “covid mandates and restrictions are being lifted”, at least temporarily.  

Indeed, now that so many of us have been coerced or forced into unsafe and ineffective and dangerous “experimental” injections, the tyrants’ boots’ on our necks are lightening up, a little, for now.


Recently we shared Dr Rob Verkerk’s warning of the new WHO “Pandemic Treaty”: a back-door to global governance. They have now renamed their “treaty” as an “agreement” (more WHO word games).

We must stop the WHO, exert our God-given inalienable rights, and reclaim our countries and individual sovereignty. The cure for covid is justice. The WHO needs to be on the receiving end of that. We most certainly can not let them seize more power!

So what is the plan?  

Despite some “lifting of restrictions”, this is no time to lose vigilance. The covid criminals against humanity, including Tedros and the WHO, seek more power and have more wicked plans for us.

I am extremely grateful for the World Council for Health and to serve on the WCH Steering , Health and Humanities, and the Legal Action Committees.

From around the world, we are taking action to stop the WHO and halt them from conjuring there newest deadly power grab. We need your help; please join us.

Here is the First World Council for Health’s Open Letter on the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty in English.  

More information including the letter in ten languages can be found here:  https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/news/2022/03/pandemic-treaty/45591/    

Please help spread this news and call to action. We must stop the WHO and their global dictatorship.

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