New Research | Pfizer shots orchestrate production of DNA

Complex mechanisms produce human DNA for viral spike protein in human liver cells. Autoimmune hepatitis anticipated.

This new study out of Sweden was just published February 25, 2022 in the journal Current Issues in Molecular Biology:    

Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell by Markus Aldén, Francisko Olofsson Falla, Daowei Yang, Mohammad Barghouth, Cheng Luan, Magnus Rasmussen and Yang De Marinis.    

This study involved exposing human hepatoma cells to the Pfizer “Vaccine”. These human hepatoma cells are a standard laboratory cell culture from human liver cancer cells. They are used to study human liver cell biology in laboratories.    

Biodistribution studies show that the lipid nanoparticle viral mRNA injections (deceptively labeled as “vaccines”) are rapidly taken up by liver cells, and concentrated there. 18% of the injection was found concentrated in injected mice liver cells.   

The current study that we are now discussing, shows additional effects beyond the mRNA being translated by ribosomes to create the spike protein toxin. Here they are in brief:  

Within liver cells, the mRNA enters the nucleus. There it causes increased expression of a gene for LINE1 protein. LINE1 means Long Interspersed Nuclear Element 1. This then results in the generation of LINE1 mRNA which leaves the nucleus and is translated by ribosomes outside of the nucleus, hence manufacturing the LINE1 protein. The LINE1 protein has a section called the Open Reading Frame. This Open Reading Frame protein seperates from the LINE1 protein, and travels back into the nucleus. This Open Reading Frame is a reverse transcriptase enzyme, meaning it can create DNA to match mRNA. This includes making DNA matching the injected patented coronavirus mRNA for the toxic covid spike protein. Thus the liver cells now have in their nuclei, DNA that codes for the mRNA, which in turn codes for the production of the toxic spike protein.   

Is the spike protein DNA incorporated permanently into the chromosomes of the human liver cells? We do not yet know, but it is very possible.

This is another layer of the recklessness or frank violence that these injections represent. It is another reason to halt these injections immediately and arrest manufacturers, promoters, financiers, and their accomplices.

Even transient production of spike protein by the liver, has various toxic effects including autoimmune hepatitis. The liver cells have viral spike proteins coming out of them, and on their surface. These spike protein are targets for the antibodies that these so-called ‘vaccines” induce. So the liver becomes a target of the victims’ own immune system. Hence the term “autoimmune hepatitis”.

If indeed the patented coronavirus spike proteins genetic design is permanently incorporated into the injection victims’ genome (chromosomes) in the liver, and likely elsewhere; then the anticipated result includes long term autoimmune diseases including autoimmune hepatitis. Severe chronic liver disease and death are the tragic end points of this process.    

The discussion within the study includes various other interesting elements. These include considering the histologic similarities of placenta and liver, and raise the suspicion of similar nanoparticle concentration, genetic alterations and autoimmune disease occurring within the placenta. Sadly we now add this suspicion to the list of already known mechanisms of infertility, and unborn infant death from the forced and coerced covid injections.

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