Dr Cole: Covid Complete from the Cutting Edge

This is a most up to date and concise synopsis of all covid science

Dr Cole presents at the WCH General Assembly

On Nov 1st, 2021 American pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole presented to the General Assembly of the World Council for Health. The many members from around the world were thrilled with the quality of his presentation. Dr. Cole is one of the first scientists to share microscopic and gross pathology results from dead victims of the covid injections.

Dr. Cole is a great speaker who possesses extremely detailed knowledge of corona virus science. His perspectives and advice are clear and constructive. This live presentation was so powerful and informative that other speakers, including steering members for the World Council for Health, forfeited their speaking time and insisted that Dr. Ryan Cole continued for as long as he needed. It’s is packed with accurate up-to-date corona virus knowledge. Thank you Dr. Cole!