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Why we need to stop the WHO pandemic treaty, and how.

No time is wasted. We dive into the WHO’s covid scam and their abuse of us all, assess our current situation and the imminent threat that the WHO poses, plus how we plan to stop this, and restore human rights and the rule of law to our world.

Description By Tamara Ugolini

Tamara Ugolini

As early as May 2020, Dr. Mark Trozzi came forward sharing the reality in his emergency department that hospitals were completely empty, despite the media fear narrative that they were war zones needing to brace for the surge (that never came).

Facilitated through the newly-formed World Council for Health (WCH), Dr. Trozzi now sits on various boards and committees that advocate for accountability, proper scientific method and disseminating facts around the COVID response.

For instance: faulty COVID projection models are the epitome of evidence-based decision making.

Throughout this interview, Dr. Trozzi and I discuss the short fallings of the World Health Organization (WHO) and, most recently, their proposition around the development of a Pandemic Treaty.

The WCH is directly opposed to this intergovernmental negotiating body and has recently published an open letter opposing the pandemic treaty (or, agreement).

Describing this as a globalist power grab, Dr. Trozzi refers back to the shenanigans undertaken by the WHO during the swine flu pandemic and how definitions are changed as necessary to suit specific narratives.

He further urges Canadians to get involved to put an end to this agenda item before it has the chance to proceed further.

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