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Help Dr Chris Shoemaker

Dr Chris Shoemaker has sacrificed everything for us, and despite the professional and economic persecution of the CPSO, he still works tirelessly to protect us.

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Dr Chris Shoemaker | Latest work to help and save people

Please send blessings and thanks to my dear friend Dr Chris Shoemaker Reference: Here’s 24 minutes packed with life saving information from Dr Shoemaker with Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson on January 11th, 2023: Dr Shoemaker’s most recent open letters to

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Dr Shoemaker’s Important Message and Prescription

Absolutely accurate, honest, clear, and constructive. 6 minutes. Here is Dr Shoemaker’s heartfelt and accurate message and prescription to Canadians and the world. Dr Chris Shoemaker at the Mother´s March. Toronto December 4, 2022 Dr Shoemaker’s prescription for Canada and

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