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Dr Chris Shoemaker Global Whistle Blower

Canadian's be proud. Our hero who stood vigil on the streets of Toronto, is now informing the world. Millions of people are listening.

Canada’s courageous truth telling doctor Chris Shoemaker is being heard around the world. His recent interviews with British Journalist Jim Ferguson are being watched by millions of people. Now people around the world are benefiting from Dr Shoemaker’s straight shooting explanations of the covid crimes and carnage. Here are the two recent interview of Dr Shoemaker by Ferguson.

Latest: The Jim Ferguson Analysis | Episode: 40 | EXCLUSIVE: Shocking Revelations: Full Interview. "DNA IS IN THE VACCINES." 40 Trillion spikes in every shot! Dr Chris Shoemaker.

People who took the vaccine could be “completely infertile in the next 5 years”

“They were controlled by the US Department of Defence”

“the people who were controlling the release of the shots wanted to see how different levels of DNA or RNA within it would be handled” by the people who took the shots.

“DNA is in us (Vaccinated) and DNA can keep making RNA and spikes for another decade”

Its not just the vaccinated that are at risk “the DNA in there is whats making it dangerous to every human on the planet as we speak”

“Myocarditis has an established death rate of 50% after 5 years and 75% after 10 years. Some studies have shown that the vaccine has caused 20% of people developing Myocarditis. “The vaccine is whats causing Myocarditis”

“Germany has an 86% rise in all cause mortality compared to normal”

Recent: The Jim Ferguson Analysis | Episode: 33 | EXCLUSIVE: American military badly affected. "75% will be dead in 10 years" of those who are affected.

What has Joe Biden the Commander In Chief done to his Military?!

Dr Chris Shoemaker reveals startling information about Covid19 vaccines from American Military Studies and the detected/undetected damage of Myocarditis. Spike proteins attacking the brain with strokes. DNA is in the Vaccines!!! World Economic Forum were involved.


Sex-specific differences in myocardial injury incidence after COVID-19 mRNA-1273 Booster Vaccination Brief Title: Myocardial Injury after COVID-19 mRNA-1273 Booster Vaccination  Natacha Buergin1*, Pedro Lopez-Ayala1*, Julia R. Hirsiger2, Philip Mueller1, Daniela Median1, Noemi Glarner1, Klara Rumora1, Timon Herrmann1, Luca Koechlin1, Philip Haaf1, Katharina Rentsch3, Manuel Battegay4, Florian Banderet5,6, Christoph T. Berger2, 7, ChristianMueller

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  1. I will do anything possible to get through the horrors of what has been inflicted on myself and millions of innocent people.😪

  2. I would like to thank Drs. Shoemaker and Trozzi for telling the truth and risking their careers in doing so. Thank you.

  3. Thankfully there are doctors who live up to their ‘OATH” and haven’t sold their sole to big pharma. Dr. Shoemaker speaks clearly, and it is quite obvious he is devistated by what is happening from the jaabs!

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