Doctors Chris Shoemaker and Mark Trozzi uncensored

We have to fight back, and we are fighting back!

We have to fight back, and we are fighting back!

It’s been eight months since the last recorded conversation between Dr Chris Shoemaker and myself and three months since we appeared together at the World Wide Rally in Toronto. Here is a new fast moving conversation in which we shared recent experiences, research, insights, and laughter.

Topics include: the National Citizens Inquiry; recent findings of DNA in the mRNA shots; recent  threats from the WHO including “The Big Catch Up” childhood injection campaign and “Immunization Agenda 2030”; the track record of actual vaccines before the genetic injections; evil; the need for justice; our experience attempting to save Dr Luchkiw’s patients and practice; the CPSO; the current illegitimacy of many governments and institutions; Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum; their agents controlling the corporation of canada; Canadians’ important role in the global struggle for truth and freedom; injured covid “vaccine” victims; the overturning of Justice Pazarat’s sane decision to support a 12 year old girl’s right to refuse a genetic covid injections; the paradoxical “mature” minors’ so-called “rights” to “gender transition” and assisted suicide; increased covid infections in the “vaccinated”; fake science tricks being used to promote the jabs; and Martin Luther King.

Dr Shoemaker will be testifying to the National Citizens Inquiry on Friday May 19th at 9:20 a.m. in Ottawa. You can watch that and all the live NCI testimonies here.

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Dr Shoemaker’s medical license is suspended because of his commitment to ensure Canadians know the truth. He works hard but without income. Please help support his work by sharing and donating here if you can