Dr Chris Shoemaker Exposing The Danger

Toxicity of the injection ingredients, insights into its creators, plus invite for live event tonight with Dr Shoemaker, Dr Laura Braden, and Shawn Buckley.

Toxicity of the injection ingredients and insights into its creators

+ live event invite for tonight with Dr Shoemaker, Dr Laura Braden, Shawn Buckley and other truth and freedom leaders.

Here is Dr Shoemaker’s excellent testimony from the National Citizens Inquiry as well as an invitation to join him in a Twitter Space event tonight with Dr Laura Braden, James Kitchen,  Pascal Najadi, Colleen Brandse, Shawn Buckley, and Michelle Leduc Catlin.

Unveiling the Risks: Dr. Chris Shoemaker Exposes the Dangers of the COVID Vaccine | Ottawa Day Three | NCI

In this powerful presentation, renowned physician Chris Shoemaker sheds light on the potential dangers posed by the COVID vaccine, with a special focus on children and pregnant women. Drawing upon his expertise and research, Dr. Shoemaker delves into the toxicity of the vaccine’s main ingredients and provides insights into the entities involved in its creation.

In this thought-provoking testimony, Dr. Shoemaker presents compelling evidence and raises important concerns about the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccine. His expertise as a physician adds credibility to his analysis, offering valuable insights into the potential risks associated with this medical intervention.

Don’t miss this eye-opening presentation that challenges the mainstream narrative and encourages critical thinking about the COVID vaccine. Gain a deeper understanding of the concerns surrounding its use, particularly for vulnerable populations. Stay informed and make empowered decisions about your health.

Join Dr Shoemaker tonight June 21, 2023 at 8 PM EST

Canada’s National Citizens Inquiry invites you to join experts Dr Shoemaker, Dr. Laura Braden,  James Kitchen, Pascal Najadi, Colleen Brandse, Shawn Buckley, and Michelle Leduc Catlin for a powerful Twitter Space Today June 21st, 8PM EST. Click here to join 

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