Dr Laura Braden Exposes Big Pharma’s Lies and Recklessness

A highly organized deep scientific dive, that should trigger arrests in Canada and halt the covid injections immediately

If you like having a highly qualified scientist explain detailed science such that we can all understand it, then you will love Dr Braden’s presentation.

Dr Laura Braden has two science degrees (Cellular/Molecular Biology, and Neuroscience), a PhD in Biology/Molecular Immunology, and two post-doctoral fellowships (Pathology/Microbiology and Immunology).

This extremely qualified scientist delivered a robust organized presentation to the National Citizens Inquiry in Toronto. She decimates the criminal covid agenda carried out against Canadians. She exposes deception about the virus origin, masking, asymptomatic spread, abuse of PCR technology, the suppression of safe affordable covid treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin, and the reckless mass administration of dangerous untested mRNA injections.

I hope police or military watching this will realize your duty; and move against perpetrators of the covid crimes against humanity who are found in government, medical regulators, big-pharma, media, and other institutions.  

Please help promote and support the National Citizens Inquiry. Here is more information and all the links. Hearings continue across Canada over the next two months. You can attend in person, or watch on line.


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  1. What is it that causes colds, flu, etc., if not a virus? I just got over a cold. It wasn’t bacterial, so had to be viral.
    Not quite understanding this.

  2. Just going to say this very simply…


    So… no need now for vaccines, masks, mandates, social distancing, over the counter flu medication and the like, ETC ETC ETC

    RIght now you all in the health freedom movement are trapped in a false paradigm and trying to litigate or reason your way out…. STOP.

    No one has ever proven in any experiment ever using proper scientific controls that viruses exist in nature, are pathogenic, and are contagious.

    If you know of any published experiment or paper. let me know. You won’t find any.

    So… want to save yourself or your kids or grandma or whatever it is you think your motivation is???

    Then fight the real fight… CHALLENGE YOUR GOVERNMENT to prove virusesare real. Because fact is guys… if viruses are in fact real… then you SHOULD social distance and you should wear a mask and you should go along with all the health mandates you claim to be against. If viruses instead are not real then the obvious result is you don’t have to do any of it.

    Start looking in to it please… VIRUSES ARE NOT REAL FOLKS.

    1. I guess all the virologists around the world didn’t get the memo Aaron. I’ve done some research on this too, and you are incorrect sir. Not all of the alternate media is truthful either.

  3. Absolute revelation..still something new to learn after 3 years of reading and listening to “crapovid” saga.
    This lady was fantastic…I wish her to be back at her job.

  4. So grateful for you Dr. Mark, and every brave warrior out there. Together, we are making a massive difference. Bless you all! It’s an honor to be here. See you this summer! Much love and gratitude.

  5. This was indeed a compelling presentation and I plan on replaying to help me understand more fully all of the science a non-science brain can handle. This is a related yet a little off-topic question that I’ve recently come up against.
    Has anyone comment on the work of the Canadian, Christine Massey? She had made hundreds of FOI requests worldwide asking health authorities for proof that the SARS. COV2 has been isolated, not just modelled. Apparently not a single proof was shown. I am truly puzzled.

    1. This is a pivotal point Jack. Fact is that the whole virus paradigm MUST be challenged NOW before it’s entirely too late.

      Those in the “medical health freedom movement” seemingly HAVE NOT yet arrived at the OBVIOUS logical conclusion that as long as they believe in viruses, that NO AMOUNT of appeals to authority will EVER amount to ANY freedom.

      It’s like the those in this movement are simply TOO INTELLIGENT to understand this very basic and grade 1 logical conclusion. We CAN NOT reason with authority as long as we exist in their space of believing viruses are real.

      People get sick… NO ONE IS DENYING THIS… However WE in the NO VIRUS MOVEMENT understand that sickness is NOT caused by a virus.

      Christine Massey understands this… JUST LIKE YOU SAID.

  6. Really appreciate her comments and it was really upsetting my employer made me wear a mask with no exceptions and put on leave for 4 mos for refusing to take the death jab. Those people would not listen to reason and need to be held accountable!

  7. None of it was rushed. The patents for sars cov2 were done years ago, as well as the “vax” patent. They ALREADY had the blueprints. These injections were PURPOSELY made badly, with small killer batches so people would think something else was killing and injuring. This must NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! We don’t need vaccines. We have exceptional bodies designed by our Creator. Read the book Turtles all the way down: vaccine science and myth.

    1. Yes, RJ; you are right. I highly recommend Turtles all the way down although not an easy book to read. Another place to learn truth about vaccines is at Vaccine Choice Canada. ALL vaccines are useless and harmful. All by design.

  8. The enlightenment of this presentation is paramount in helping us understand what has been hidden and used to coerce the devious intent of government and manipulate the masses.
    Thank God she has decided to speak out and help us understand how we have been duped.

  9. Hello Dr. Trozzi. Thanks for posting these videos from the NCI. Would it be possible to upload them at a higher resolution?

  10. Keep up the good work, Dr. Trozzi. Your newsletter gives so much hope and light in this dark world.

  11. Deep thanks to Dr. Laura Braden, from Oregon. I appreciate her making this presentation after being so badly treated by her employer, proving she is one tough cookie and excellent human. It is hard to accept that our governing bodies want to kill us, it takes some time to come to terms with it. My heart goes out to her, and her continued journey in health care.

    1. Your government really does want to kill you. Either because they are stupid or hate their fellow human beings.

  12. Would love to hear Dr. Braden talk about how viruses can jump from a variety of animals to humans given the next virus coming down the pipe (Avian flu) which means they will cull many farm animals and cause humans to need more injections and lockdowns I suspect. Not sure if the goal is to affect our food supplies, or provide more poisons into our body, or both

    1. Would love also for her to understand that viruses simply do not exist based on the very way virology claims they prove they do, meaning, THE CELL CULTURE VIRUS ISOLATION PROCEDURE.

      If you have not looked into it yourself you have to. EVERYONE who claims they support medical health freedom has a responsibility to set their emotions aside and look it it. Anyone who is not biased or intelligent must conclude that VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST.

      1. There seems to be a great deal of debate as to whether or not viruses exist. Many scientists and virologists will tell you they do indeed exist. Where is your information coming from? Are you sure it’s valid? Please understand, I am not criticizing or questioning your information Aaron, just curious as to where you got this information since I’ve seen several scientific journals acknowledging viruses.

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