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Please send blessings and thanks to my dear friend Dr Chris Shoemaker

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Here’s 24 minutes packed with life saving information from Dr Shoemaker with Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson on January 11th, 2023:

Dr Shoemaker’s most recent open letters to the registrar Dr Nancy Whitmore of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Dr Chris Shoemaker

Here we can see that Dr Shoemaker is truly a kind and forgiving person. Consider that to “punish” the good doctor for speaking honestly with Canadians, Dr Whitmore is stripping him of his license to practice medicine, or make a living. Yet in his letters addressed to her, he politely shares crucial science and ethics, pleads for the life of Canadians, and tries to guide her towards redemption.

As I read these eloquent letters, I also form the opinion, that Dr Nancy Whitmore, and the CPSO are on notice (again) to perform a duty of care.

Dr Nancy Whitmore

Dr Shoemaker’s open letter to the CPSO Registrar dated January 3, 2023


You have the opportunity to join with my voice, in full recognition that the information of science on these topics is now fully on the side that Vaccines to a respiratory pathogen attached to a coronavirus vector could never work and HAS NOT WORKED.

To say otherwise is to bury your head from the truth that Unvaccinated Canadians retain their 94% immunity to Coronavirus that they have had before and throughout the pandemic.

But that in contrast Vaccinated Canadians have seen their immunity erode month by month by month since September 2021, to the point that it wallows at 30% – ie 300% negative efficacy (HARM effect) compared to the choice of NOT harming human T cells and their natural protection of us all.

Dr Shoemaker’s open letter to CPSO registrar Dr Whitmore dated October 21, 2022


Physicians are encouraged to study and comment on scientific papers throughout their lifetime. I am simply doing that in this not so simple era.

I speak to the protection of humanity as per my Oath to Hippocrates and to human safety. I am sure you regularly do the same.

It is my analysis that the Scientific opinions of Dr. Bhakdi, Dr. Alexander, Dr. Bridle and Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche are above all others in this scientific field. They are the informed and appropriately careful ones.

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A few of the other members of the team standing up for Canadians against the CPSO including Dr. Patrick Phillips, Dr. Charles Hoffe, Attorney Michael Alexander, and myself Dr. Mark Trozzi, will be appearing on the Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson show on July 31st, 2023 at 4PM EST. Find the link on many platforms here: https://www.lauralynn.tv/p/platforms.html 


Dr Chris Shoemaker, Dr Paul Alexander, Dr Charles Hoffe, Attorney Michael Alexander, nutritionist Barbara Maccaroni, and myself Dr Mark Trozzi will be appearing across Ontario under the banner “Do No Harm”. Details to be announced in the days ahead.