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Dr Chris Shoemaker has sacrificed everything for us, and despite the professional and economic persecution of the CPSO, he still works tirelessly to protect us.

Now he needs our help. Here is my short video message and info. Please share.

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Dangerous DNA in the "vaccines" includes SV40 promotor. Fraud by Pfizer.

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  1. The most I can do is pray for all of you brave doctors…..financially I am so strapped ……My heart wants to give to everyone who needs help but I can’t….

  2. I understand the message and respect dr. Shoemaker…but how is it possible for 70+ doctor to be without any savings after so many years of being employed? Doctors do not make, never have made minimum wages. At 70+ he should enjoy well deserved retirement with sufficient cushion of money, and independecy. Why does he care about his licence…it is meaningless at his age.

  3. The informed doctors must start their own criminal laying of information against the Licensing Medical Colleges, in every Province and the Territories.
    Their evidence is given to a Justice of the Peace Judge, then it gets turned over to the City Police to confirm crimes against the people, whose trust was breached by the CPS-0, and in each Province, like BC-CPS. Their chief Medical Officer, like Dr. BONNIE HENRY, are to be charged with the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, too.
    Only by going Criminal, and the CPS’s are fined, and the Chief Medical Officers are put in prison, for life, will the medical consumer have trust again in their doctors to do them no harm, and to again protect them by informed risk consent.
    The majority of members to the CPS, who were silent, or complicit that their patients be Covid-19 vaxxed, will, of course, pay off the Criminal Fine.
    Some, medical persons, individually, may be tried to go to prison, too, if their own advised patients had died or were injured after being Covid-19 vaxxed.

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