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Criminal Genetic Invasion of Humanity Confirmed

World Council For Health Urgent Panel of Global Experts Confirm Dangerous Criminal Undeclared DNA In Pfizer And Moderna Covid-19 "Vaccines"

Monday Oct 9 2023 WCH: Doctors Sucharit Bhakdi, Byram Bridle, Peter McCullough, Jessica Rose, Mark Trozzi, Janci Lindsey, Brigitte König, Kevin McKernan MSc, and Christof Plothe DO.

Thousands of truth seekers from around the world watched the live stream. The expert panel reached some very certain and sober conclusions. The level of criminality involved in these injections is extreme. They constitute assault and genetic invasion.

WCH Urgent Expert Hearing on Reports of DNA Contamination in mRNA Vaccines


  • 0:00:00 – 0:16:50 Introduction by Plothe DO and Trozzi MD
  • 0:16:50 – 0:30:00 Kevin Mc Kernan (USA) Plasmid Derived dsDNA contamination in mRNA “Vaccines”
  • 0:30:00 – 0:42:00 Dr. Janci Lindsay (USA) DNA Integration and Mutation and Trangenerational Mechanisms of Harm
  • 0:45:00 – 1:05:00 Prof. Alexandra Henrion-Caude (France) Why Are We So Concerned?
  • 1:05:00 – 1:18:00 Prof Sucharit Bhakdi (Germany) mRNA Injections: Not Safe, Not Effective, Crimes Against Humanity
  • 1:18:00 – 1:39:00 Assoc Prof Byram Bridle (Canada) An immunological perspective of plasmids and their fragments in the covid injections, as non-specific promoters of inflammation.
  • 1:43:30 – 1:53:00 Dr Peter McCullough (USA) A Biologic Disaster fulfilling the multi-hit hypothesis for oncogenesis (cancer) and more.
  • 1:53:00 – 1:58:00 Prof Brigitte König (Germany) Helping Solve The Crisis By Developing New Tests.
  • 1:58:00 – 2:12:00 Dr Jessica Rose (Canada) Contamination Of Modified mRNA Covid-19 injections And Potential Adverse Reactions
  • 2:17:30 – 2:24:00 Attorney Katie Ashby-Koppens (Australian) The legal implications of the deployment of unregulated GMO products as vaccines.
  • 2:30:00 – 3:46:00 Panel Discussion
  • 3:46:00 – 3:52:26 Conclusions by Plothe DO and Trozzi MD
World Council For Health Press Release (Please share, download, and post)

The World Council for Health, in collaboration with expert advisers, is dedicated to providing the public with accurate and reliable information to promote health and well-being. In light of recent concerns regarding bacterial DNA and genetic sequences in mRNA vaccines, the World Council for Health organized this Urgent Expert Hearing on this critical topic.

Related legal notices, charges, forms, actions, updates, more from these experts and the evolving science, can all be followed here. (Page under assembly with more parts coming over days, weeks and beyond here, mark this page)

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Life Site News Canada coverage of the WCH DNA Expert Hearing Panel:

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  1. Dear Dr Trozzi,
    What kind of complications does this injection have on the skin. How does it show up? I’m worried about my son. He took the shot thinking that he needed it to fly home from Montreal. He didn’t ask first (Is there any restrictions on travel? ) This was in June of 2021 when he flew home. So far he is good but is getting strange large pimples on his face and fore-head. I asked him if he has them anywhere else? He said NO. Thank God. Maybe it is just pimples. (I hope) Thank-you for everything that you are doing for Canadians and humanity. God Bless you and yours. xo Rolonne Marie Ross

  2. Good initiative. Covid has been replaced now by wars..another way of depopulation and creation of global chaos by the same villains.

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