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Dr Trozzi | Defying State-Driven Medical Censorship

Dr. Mark Trozzi's Battle for Freedom of Treatment (Exclusive Interview from RAIR Foundation USA and Amy Mek)

The RAIR Foundation Wrote:

Dr. Mark Trozzi’s haunting words, ‘People are being processed as animals with no rights, and when you consider the chilling predictability and the mounting data, it’s a grim reality—hospitals turning into places of harm instead of healing,’

In a defiant stand against the suppression of real science and the subversion of medical ethics, Canadian physician Dr. Mark Trozzi has found himself in the crosshairs of a legal battle with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). Dr. Trozzi, one of the early doctors to challenge prevailing COVID-19 narratives, faces a lengthy and expensive ‘trial’ as he seeks to defend his views grounded in science and genuine concern for patient well-being.

Dr. Trozzi’s ordeal symbolizes the larger struggle within the medical community, where divergent perspectives on COVID-19 and vaccine-related issues have led to clashes between medical professionals and regulatory bodies. The CPSO’s tribunal against Dr. Trozzi, rather than focusing on patient safety and the pursuit of medical truth, appears to be driven by a need to protect political authority and state ideology.

Central to this conflict is Dr. Trozzi’s steadfast dedication to articulating perspectives that challenge unscientific state mandates, fortified by his reliance on scientific evidence. He is a vocal critic of the mainstream COVID-19 narrative, particularly in relation to “vaccine” mandates. According to Dr. Trozzi, the CPSO’s actions indicate an attempt to silence honest scientific discourse and stifle freedom of speech.

The latest phase of Dr. Trozzi’s trial, which unfolded on July 10, 2023, marked a significant turn of events. Proceedings resumed before the CPSO, but not without a protracted battle over expert witnesses. The CPSO made multiple attempts to disqualify Dr. Peter McCullough, a prominent figure in the medical community, from testifying as an expert witness. Despite their efforts, Dr. McCullough eventually took the stand and provided a compelling defense.

Additionally, Deanna McLeod, a seasoned clinical trials expert with over 20 years of professional experience and a lead investigator at the Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA), was scheduled to testify as an expert witness. She intended to present evidence related to Pfizer’s initial clinical trial data, which can be found here: link. However, the CPSO engaged in lengthy questioning and ultimately disqualified her as an expert witness, a decision that raised questions given her extensive expertise.

Dr. Paul Alexander was also scheduled to testify in Dr. Trozzi’s defense, but circumstances prevented him from doing so. Dr. Alexander, who would have faced rigorous questioning from the CPSO, had to withdraw due to a family emergency, leaving Dr. McCullough as the sole expert witness to testify. The CPSO’s persistent attempts to disqualify expert witnesses, including the abuse endured by Deanna McCLeod, shed light on the contentious nature of the trial and raised concerns about the transparency of the proceedings.

While Dr. McCullough did testify briefly, he effectively demonstrated that there were no issues with Dr. Trozzi’s actions or words, affirming the validity of his position. For a detailed look at the CPSO trial proceedings, including the challenges faced by Deanna McCLeod and the CPSO’s handling of objections from Dr. Trozzi’s legal team, you can view the available recordings on the What’s Up Canada channel. These recordings encompass the entire trial and offer valuable insights into the events that transpired.

Unveiling Insights through Exclusive Interview

Amidst his legal battle, RAIR Foundation USA had the privilege of conducting an exclusive interview with Dr. Mark Trozzi. In this enlightening conversation, Dr. Trozzi shares his remarkable journey through the pandemic landscape. He candidly discusses the formidable challenges he encountered as a physician, navigating through a landscape where hospitals appeared to exaggerate their strain, narratives were manipulated to shape public opinion, and the pervasive influence of global health organizations cast a shadow over medical decision-making.

In the interview, Dr. Trozzi delves into the significance of treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in the battle against COVID-19. He provides critical insights into his departure from the mainstream narrative, driven by research indicating a higher mortality rate among recipients of experimental COVID-19 shots compared to other vaccines. Dr. Trozzi also addresses concerns about the rate of miscarriages observed during Pfizer’s COVID “vaccine” trials.

Ethical Dilemmas and Upholding Medical Standards

The interview offers a unique perspective on the ethical dilemmas faced by medical professionals who challenge prevailing narratives. Dr. Trozzi reveals the suspension of some of the best doctors, whose commitment to their Hippocratic Oath led them to provide alternative treatments. This commitment eventually led to the suppression of honest medical opinions and the revocation of licenses.

Dr. Trozzi’s insights extend to the shifting dynamics of medical practice, where the role of doctors has transformed from patient-centered care to enforcing state-driven narratives. The interview provides an intimate glimpse into Dr. Trozzi’s unwavering dedication to the pursuit of medical truth and his belief in the power of science to shape a just future.

As the CPSO’s decision looms, the legal battle led by Dr. Trozzi resonates as a reminder of the delicate balance between medical authority, scientific inquiry, and individual rights. The outcome holds far-reaching implications not only for Dr. Trozzi and his colleagues but for the broader landscape of medical discourse and patient care in Ontario. Dr. Trozzi’s steadfast faith in science and the collective conscience shines as a beacon of hope in a polarized medical landscape.

Further Resources for Deeper Understanding

For those seeking to delve further into Dr. Mark Trozzi’s perspectives and insights, here is a collection of essential resources that shed light on the issues he passionately addresses:

  • Inaugural Publication (January 2021): Dr. Trozzi’s first article and video, published in January 2021, offers a foundational understanding of his concerns. Access it here.
  • Synergistic Bioweapons (December 2021): In this article, dated December 14, 2021, Dr. Trozzi delves into the concept of synergistic bioweapons. Explore it here.
  • The Immune System Series (May and August 2023): Dr. Trozzi expands on the intricacies of how the COVID vaccines impact the immune system. Watch the enlightening video series here and here.
  • Canada’s Cover-up Exposed (July 2022): Dr. Trozzi uncovers a disturbing cover-up within Canada. Read about it here.
  • The Fertility Crisis (2022-2023): Dr. Trozzi delves into the crucial topic of fertility and its relation to the bioweapons narrative. Explore his insights through articles such as this and this.
  • Autopsies for Gathering Evidence (December 2022): Dr. Trozzi provides valuable information about autopsies as a means to gather evidence. Read about it here.
  • Comprehensive Website: Dr. Trozzi’s official website, www.drtrozzi.org, hosts over 700 posts available in 23 languages. The content is fully searchable and offers a wealth of knowledge.
  • Newsletter Subscription: Stay updated with Dr. Trozzi’s latest insights by subscribing to his newsletter here.
  • Supporting the Cause: Donations to Dr. Trozzi’s cause are greatly appreciated. The battle against establishment pressures requires continued dedication and support. Contribute here.
  • Prophetic Warning (June 2021): In June 2021, Dr. Trozzi released a video and article that eerily predicted the dangers of the COVID vaccines, now proven accurate over two years later. Dive into the details here.
  • World Council for Health: Dr. Trozzi is an integral part of the World Council for Health, an organization dedicated to fostering global health awareness.

These resources provide an opportunity for readers to explore Dr. Mark Trozzi’s extensive body of work, insights, and advocacy for medical ethics and informed decision-making.

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Footnote: There is one small error in the article. Dr Paul Alexander was unable to appear at the CPSO hearing due to a family health crisis. Dr Peter McCullough did testify. Clinical trial expert Deanna McLeod also appeared to provide expert testimony but was badgered for two days then rejected despite her exceptional qualifications.

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  1. Thank you Dr. Trozzi for all your efforts over the past 3 years to alert Canadians to the unscientific practices being pushed by very well-organized and self-serving people and/or entities. Some of us appreciate the personal sacrifices you have made and continue to make. God Bless you!!

  2. Thank you again Dr Trozzi for standing up for all of us. The Web Links through the RAIR Foundation are helpful to catch up on sections of the ‘Trial’, which I missed. CPSO’s lack of transparency, making it difficult for the public to follow the proceedings. This ‘Show-Trial’ in their violation of every practice of fair supposed to be “Hearing” including assuring fair representation costs & typically more time & resources to the Defendant & his or her lawyer. Lawyer Michael Alexander does an excellent job, with less than 1/20th of the resources given to the Prosecution. https://rumble.com/v3a1u03-part-6-cpso-vs-trozzi-coverup-persecuting-canadian-doctors..html 1Sep’23 2h13m9s The correlate to “Don’t yell ‘FIRE!’ in a crowded theatre.” is “Don’t remain ‘SILENT!’ when there really is a fire small or large in a crowded or even uncrowded theatre”. I make this statement because I’ve heard quite a number of Medical & Legal experts reacting defensively to the yelling Fire statement, but not positively stating the medical crime of remaining Silent about the mRNA Experimental, Emergency-Use-Authorization, broken (violated) Double-Blind studies, lack of unthreatened Peer Review, Lack of any kind of thorough: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, decades & multigenerational followup record keeping & reviews, Lack of medical care & economic followup responsibility / liability for post EUA shot illness, incapacity & death as well as other violations of unbiased Medical Experimentation. Dr Trozzi didn’t yell ‘fire’, but in a most medically responsible manner, gave Informed Consent & pointed his patients & his colleagues to the available medical literature for their own research. There is more than enough evidence of pathology in the people we all personally know who have been injured or died post experimental shot. Statistically, records (eg. VAERS, V-Safe, Euro-Vigilance etc.) show 10s of millions injured & millions dead. The world unfortunately has the case of millions of MD, PhD & Nurses who have remained ‘Silent’ in a crowded theatre-planet of 6 billion people, drawing on substantial paybacks for administering & advertising the mRNA shots. Perhaps many MD, PhD, Nurses & administrators remain Silent & even uninformed, for fear of jeopardizing their own & families lifestyle choices. Those who remain Silent is a complete violation of medical & social ethics & responsibility. Worship of Reductionist False Science https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/a-home/9-undoing-false-science includes the ignorance of Holistic Interdisciplinary Science https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/d-participatory-structure/6-holistic-science

  3. From Dr. Luchkiw’s post on Telegram @canadianlawstudygroup regarding Judicial Review:
    The last few days have been quite challenging and also very revealing in my case, since we have filed the Notice of application for Judicial Review – the David vs Goliath case from above posts.
    My lawyer revealed his true colours Sunday evening [Aug 29] and I ended up terminating him after he submitted his factum without my expressed consent and with arguments contrary to my JR position that he was aware of and I requested he bring forth for my penalty hearing originally scheduled for tomorrow.
    I emailed the college and tribunal informing them of this change and that i was requesting the hearing be rescheduled as I needed time to prepare my defence as I was presenting myself in person. This was Monday. Tuesday morning the college responded with a request for an urgent case conference for tuesday. We didn’t know why this was necessary and it seemed odd since my request was objectively fair and reasonable given these sudden changes. I requested the meeting for today at 10am, they first wouldn’t meet that time but quickly rearranged to accommodate me.
    At the case conference this morning, the tribunal representative and college counsel were notably more pleasant and respectful from past experiences. my adjournment was approved very quickly and I requested 30 days. They wanted 6-8weeks. I was given time to offer up some dates and they used this as an opportunity to request I meet with the chair of the tribunal in 1-2 weeks to discuss procedural processes to ensure everyone was on the same page and “if both parties agree to consider possible resolution”.
    This is the very first time that “possible resolution” has ever been mentioned. And it was mentioned by the tribunal member. This is significant since the tribunal itself is the major respondent named in my JR which also put forth an injunction to have the tribunal disbanded as it lacked constitutional jurisdiction.
    They gave me extra time and were very accommodating.
    A total 180 from how they have treated me in all past experiences the last 2.5 years.
    I’m sharing this to help this group understand that Amanda’s arguments have been the only ones so far that have moved these parties to any degree and this move was huge!
    I do not know the outcome or if/what they may bring up as “possible resolution” but I will find out September 8th and keep you posted.
    Oh, I also had to keep correcting these parties when they used the word “representing” yourself to “presenting” myself in person so it is corrected in the record.

  4. Thank you so much for your precious insights as to what happened in the last 45 months and what we can expect in the future. Hopefully this interview helps educate people by spreading truth. God Bless You

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