Dr Plothe | Covid “Vaccines” Destroying Human Fertility

Exceptional factual presentation by Dr Plothe on the Iron Will Report

The covid injections have been reckless at best, violent at worst. Among the 1,500 disease states that follow the injections, women’s menstrual irregularities and both male and female infertility rates are alarming. People are being sterilized.

Some highlights:

  • Pregnancy last 9 months, yet these “vaccines” were approved in in just 108 days. How can any claim of safety in pregnancy be made? Normally vaccine approval takes ten years.  
  • Pregnant women were excluded from clinical trials, yet the injections were declared safe for pregnant women. Based therefore on nothing!
  • 270 women did get pregnant during the Pfizer trial ; of those 238 were not reported, and only one normal birth was reported.
  • Polyethyleneglycol which is a component of the pegylated nanoparticle used to deliver the genetic material into the human cells was known to be a fetal toxin before since before covid was launched.
  • Moderna and Pfizer-biotech studies on 44 rats for just 42 days demonstrated a doubling of preimplantation loss of pregnancy, and 295% increased rate of birth defects. There was no evaluation of next generation effects, and the researchers were riddled with conflicts of interest  that they tried to hide.  
  • Fertility requires long term studies. These have not been done.
  • By sept 2021 tens of thousands of menstrual problems in women were reported following the jabs, with heavy bleeding 8000 times normal!
  • Japan study of biodistribution showed extensive distribution with profound concentration in women’s ovaries.
  • Potential mechanisms of fertility harm include pegylated nanoparticle toxicity, spike protein toxicity , immune response to SP , autoimmune attack on SP producing ovaries, and immune attack on an essential reproductive protein syncytin-1 which is structurally similar to SP.
  • Moderna “vaccine” uses a higher dose of 100 mcg than Pfizer’s 30 mcg dose. Pfizer stopped the higher dose due to even higher toxicity, but moderna still uses it.
  • The injected mRNA persists in most victims for 2 months, and stimulates spike protein production with SP persisting 15 months. SP damages male testes with dramatic reduction in spermatogenisis
  • An Israel study showed sperm count and male fertility decreased with just one shot, then the study was ended. So what happens with repeat doses?
  • USA VAERS reveals massive infertility issue reports, accounting for 95% of all infertility reports in the 30 years of reporting for all vaccines combined.
  • Around the world, wherever the “vaccines” are rolled out, birth rates drop dramatically nine months later. This is unprecedented, and includes Ireland, Germany, Australia, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Hungary and others.
  • The most injected countries have the biggest drops in birth rates.
  • In comparison with influenza vaccines, these injections have a 1500% higher associated miscarriage rate.
  • Some studies show polyethylene glycol causing next generation infertility. Perhaps injected people will have sterile children.
  • We need long term controls, but drug companies injected the control subjects after the brief study periods, thus eliminating long term controls. The closest thing we have is the countries where people have best resisted the forced injections.
  • Stop the Vaccines. Stop suppressing ivermectin and promote safe covid treatment. Stop the persecution of the doctors who have been scientifically and ethically correct from the beginning. These doctors must be exonerated and returned to serving the people who need us now more than ever.
  • Dr Plothe explores the possibility of this genetic modification of humans to produce toxic viral spike proteins, being inherited and the implications that may have for the children.
  • Presentation ends at 24 min and Will’s questions start:  
  • Iron Will raises issues of malpractice, intention, misrepresentation, fraud, compromised journals, persecuted good doctors, and the CDC hiding deaths having removed 50,000 deaths from the VAERS data base and reclassifying them.
  • Unknowns include: will this genetic experiment result in inheritable poison SP production in humans? Will there be future generations?
  • Dr Plothe is seeing many covid “vaccine” damaged patients daily in his practice and he relates some of these experiences.
  • Dr Plothe reminds us how science really works, and calls to end the suppression and have open forums. “Lets go back to science; today, not tomorrow.”

Comment by Dr Trozzi:

Thanks to Iron Will and Dr Plothe. The reality is tragic; but this interview and content is exceptional. There should be no question about stopping these injections immediately, as well as investigating and prosecuting the many high profiting perpetrators and accomplices to unprecedented crimes against humanity. Imagine, even at this time, the Universities of Western Ontario and Toronto are demanding that students be injected and subjected to this sterilization, or forfeit their education. Government officials who are mandating this are at war with innocent unsuspecting men, women, and children.

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I am so grateful for all who heeded the call and spread the word; many lives have been saved, and some healthy children will be born. I am also very sad watching this avoidable disaster unfold as those of us who called it out find ourselves fighting an establishment bent on eliminating us from medicine, and leaving our fellow Canadians defenceless. We will not relent. Do not submit, unite.

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