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Dr Bhakdi | Dangerous Genetic Modification and WHO Threats

Professor Bhakdi's urgent message presented at the WCH Better Way Conference June 2, 2023. Please watch, share and post.

The German Attorney General’s office continue their outrageous and nefarious ambition to imprison our respected friend and colleague Professor Dr Sucharit Bhakdi. They have appealed the court decision which declared him innocent of criminal charges of “hate crimes” for warning us about the covid-crimes-against-humanity and their resemblance to the wicked historic acts of the Nazi regime. However, he remains steadfast and continues acting out of love. He is warning us of the WHO’s current moves to establish dictatorial powers, and the threat that poses to our genetic code and the future of our species. Here is his important 2 minute message delivered to a full house at the Better Way Conference this past weekend.

The World Council For Health Better Way Conference 2023, held June 2nd through 4th 2023,  was a great success! We hosted experts from around the world who converged for three days in Bath UK; and spoke to a sold out auditorium full of truth and freedom lovers who were also from around the world. Challenges and solutions to the major problems and frontiers facing humanity were presented, discussed, and debated. You can still purchase virtual tickets and have immediate access to the entire library of the conference.

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  1.  The Canaries in the Human DNA Mine

    The claims by Pfizer and Moderna repeated by regulators and complicit politicians that modRNAs do not enter the cell nucleus, and reverse transcribe into the Human Genome, were lies, made knowingly. Over four decades of scientific knowledge that started with a Nobel Prize only pointed to modRNAs integrating into the Human Genome, the knowledge of Retroposition. The WHO and regulatory experts everywhere did not want to inform the global population about these facts.


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