Better Way Conference | Unveiling a path to health & Freedom

Check out the amazing line up of speakers for the WCH 2023 Better Way Conference happening June 2nd through 4th, and the very affordable online tickets for the entire event.

On June 1st, the WCH family will make our second annual pilgrimage to the healing city of Bath in South West England to hear the pioneers and innovators of our time reveal how excellent health has been hidden from us and explore what this revealing  means for the Better World we are co-creating.

Check out the exceptional line up of speakers:

Invitation to join A Better Way for Health, Freedom and Sovereignty | Better Way Conference 2023

A Better Way for Health, Freedom and Sovereignty | Better Way Conference 2023

Neil Oliver and Richard Vobes Discuss the Magic of the Better Way Conference

Healthy Debate is Real Science. WCH Steering Committee Christof Plothe DO

Better Way Conference 2022

In 2022, more than 1,200 people came together in Bath over a 3-day period to explore solutions to problems impacting global health and well being in science, the media, Covid-19 strategies, the environment, law, and more.

Neil Oliver at BWC 2022: I Wish I Could Bottle and Distribute This Feeling to Those I Love

Last years World Council For Health Better Way Conference 2022 was a huge success!


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  1. I wish to thank you so much Dr Trozzi for all you do in your fight for our rights and freedom. I look forward daily to all your great information videos and articles. The video on the WCH conference from 2022 was so good and gives me hope for our future. I look forward to the June 2023 conference and wish you all – Blessings and success. May God guide you and all the great participants speaking and attending the conference next month. Cheers Linda Schneider

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