“Vaccine” Genetic Transfection Alert

"It looks like the messenger RNA is transferring from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated now.”- Dr McCullough

Spike Protein Shedding (we already knew about)

spike glycoprotein

Genetic mRNA covid Injection victims produce spike protein typically for two weeks to two months,  some longer, and perhpas some permanently ; they shed those spike proteins, and those can be toxic to many uninjected persons. We knew this already. That is a limited phenomena, and the natural persons symptoms from spike protein exposure following contact with an injection victim are limited in time, and self resolving. Ivermectin and other counter-spike-protein compounds help relieve those symptoms.  

Spike protein is produced in bodily fluids including breast milk, and is toxic to breast feeding infants.

Genetic Transfection (this is worse)

Exosomes shedding from cell

What is even more concerning, as Dr McCullough described above, is that injected individuals may actually be shedding the genetic material, the spike protein encoding messenger RNA, within extracellular vesicles or exosomes, that can transfect their natural uninjected contacts and loved ones.

The spike-protein-encoding messenger RNA is found in injected persons’ blood in three forms: free-form; within the injected nanoparticles; and within extracellular vesicles (EV) also called “exosomes”, which are essentially nanoparticles produced by our own cells. The extracellular vesicles can contain both the synthetic mRNA and/or the toxic spike protein.

The artificial nanoparticles which are larger than EV’s are excreted primarily in faeces and urine. However, the smaller extracellular vesicles can be found in saliva, sweat, breast milk, and other bodily secretions, probably including semen. Hence there is very real concern that mRNA containing extracellular vesicles can transfect from injected individuals to non-injected individuals through inhalation, kissing, breast feeding, and sexual contact. Hair follicles may also facilitate extracellular vesicle invasion directly through even healthy intact skin.  


It has been known for some years that mRNA encapsulated in extracellular vesicles is protected from gastric juices and can transfect intestinal cells following oral ingestion; hence the danger for breast feeding infants.

All this means that despite resisting the injections, natural persons through close physical contact with injected persons, might end up suffering from the same genetic invasion into own own bodies. We may also begin producing spike protein internally, and initiate all the disease processes that follow, including autoimmune conditions, clotting, immune deficiency, reproductive disorders, and more.

Also, as we have previously shared, the injected coronavirus spike-protein-encoding mRNA, can access the reverse transcriptase process and even be permanently incorporated into the victims’ DNA. This might go so far as causing children of injected parents to be born permanently genetically altered to produce the toxic covid spike protein for as long as they can survive.

At minimum, I support Dr McCullough’s soft caution to extend the time of avoiding intimate contact with injection victims for a longer period than previously thought: 3 months for instance.

More research is needed and ongoing. It should have been done before these genetic  injections were ever considered for administration to humans; never mind before being injected by now into more than half of all the human beings on earth!

This adds another layer to our call for all these genetic injections to be halted immediately.

Helene Banoun

Here is the excellent article by Helene Banoun that reviews and references many relevant studies. The author’s conclusions include this statement:

“All these studies show that EVs carrying mRNA and spike could therefore be excreted by different body fluids and could enter by transcutaneous or inhalation route in unvaccinated individuals (as well as by breast milk in infants and by transplacental passage in fetuses and why not by semen)”