Dr Makis and Dr Trozzi Under Fire

For Reporting Dramatically Increased Rates Of Death Among Doctors Since The Misrepresented Genetic Injections Began.

I can’t keep up with the rate at which tax funded propagandists gas light the public, and attack  ethical doctors and scientist who stand against the fraud, assault, and human rights violations of the pharmaco-political-industrial complex, a.k.a. “the criminal covid enterprise”.


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Doctors Under Fire For Reporting 80 Sudden Doctor Deaths

By Glen Jung / January 10, 2023

Canadian doctors have been dying unexpectedly and in unprecedented numbers–now upwards of 100–since the rollout of the Covid-19 “vaccines” December 2020. On Nov. 9, 2022, our interview with Dr. William Makis, MD and cancer researcher, reporting 80 deaths, garnered much attention from the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). The CMA tweeted that the information was “disinformation.” along with his team have been tracking and reporting the alarming number of sudden deaths in young doctors. His pleas to the Canadian Medical Association to investigate any correlation with the experimental mRNA injections have been ignored and publicly deemed misinformation.

Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD, ER physician, recently joined Dr. Makis in helping to alert the public of 80 doctor deaths, openly calling for a halt to all Covid-19 “vaccines,” through his own platform.

Rather than helping to alert the public of the public health disaster, the mainstream media continues to trumpet the official “safe and effective” narrative, while abandoning its journalistic principles to investigate if there is any merit to Dr. Makis’ findings. Instead of pressuring the government to begin autopsies in the unexpected deaths, the legacy media continue to question and vilify the credibility of both doctors despite autopsy reports and numerous studies showing conclusive proof of deaths by the Covid injections.

Join us for this exclusive interview, as Drs. Makis and Trozzi discuss the ongoing attacks for reporting deaths that should concern all Canadians and the continuing rise of young doctor deaths.

Since Dr. Makis’ interviews with Bright Light News at 32 doctor deaths and 90 doctor deaths, the Canadian Medical Association has removed the vast majority of its reported obituary deaths in its In Memorium page. This is a link to the Way Back Machine’s copy of the January 2020 page, which no longer exists at the CMA website. Our journalism in helping Dr. Makis share his findings is having an important impact. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR WORK TO HELP GET THE TRUTH OUT AND DONATE HERE TODAY or by etransfer to [email protected].

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Here’s another hit piece on Dr Makis, myself, and other honest doctors. We are sacrificing everything personal to tell the truth, while they’re payed from your taxes to promote the injections and bury the evidence. Notice how they distort reality. We did not say every doctor who died over the past two years died as a result of the injections, we just noted a dramatic increase in the rate of doctors dying (8 times more than the pre-covid-“vaccine” rate in young doctors). Also they state many died from heart attacks and cancer; but those are two of the main endpoints through which the injections kill people.