Global cancer rates exploding post “vaccines” & being covered up

Doctors and scientists on all continents are reporting the same thing. An explosion of new and recurring cancers post covid injections.

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The covid-injections cause numerous harms to the immune system (see: one, two, three). This includes suppression of cancer fighting CD8 T cells (see: one, two) as demonstrated in 100% of people tested pre and post covid-injections.

Around the world, doctors are reporting an explosion in new, rare, and recurring cancers following the injections. Many stable cancer patients experience sudden recurrence or rapid progression, with many dying.

The cover up is organized including the centralization of the “adverse events and death reporting systems” to controlled globalist entities. For instance, many European physicians are now told they must direct their attempts to report adverse events and death, to a European Union entity, rather than provincial or national authorities.   

German physicians are being told that cancer statistic are now being recorded by hand, which is a very slow process, and so it will be six years before this years data can be seen.     

The broader cover up of cancer and other adverse events and deaths, is going from bad to worse.   It includes cremation of bodies being performed as quickly as possible for post-injection deaths; in essence burning the evidence. Even young dead victims’ bodies are being cremated within 2 days. This is preposterous and previously unheard of.

Beyond cancer, one of the main pathways of adverse events and death following covid injections is spike protein poisoning. SP poisoning of organs and tissues is demonstrated in autopsies or biopsies, by immunoflourescent staining for spike protein; but there are very few pathology units in the world doing this. As pathologist Dr Ryan Cole has explained “You can not find, what you do not look for” .

The cover up is getting worse. You have to look around and believe your own eyes.