C19 mRNA “Vaccines” Were Designed to Hurt Us

Not by accident; but with criminal intent.

Karen Kingston

The so called C19 “vaccines” were designed to hurt us. They were also known to be of no real benefit for preventing covid-19 infections. Scientists, Pfizer, the FDA, and others knew this before they began approving the jabs. Here is my brief, and the link Karen Kingston’s more extensive revelations.

We owe thanks to Karen Kingston. On November 29, 2022 she published an excellent article titled: Intended Consequences: mRNA Vaccines were Designed to Cause Severe Disease and Be Resistant to Antibodies

Here I would like to briefly explain the main points:

COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were not designed to protect us against covid-19 infections. They were designed to cause disease.

Barney Graham and Jason McClellan are two of the lead scientists who invented the patented spike protein that is now being mass manufactured in the more than half of mankind who have fallen prey to the coerced and misrepresented genetic injections. These injections cause this artificial and highly toxic spike protein to be produced in virtually every cell in their victims’ bodies.

spike protein

A publication by Graham, McClellan and their colleagues from February 2020 states that this man made coronavirus spike glycoprotein binds more aggressively to our human ACE2 receptors than does the SARS-CoV2 virus itself. They also described how they tested multiple existing antibodies for pre-existing spike proteins, with their artificial spike protein; and all were incompatible: unable to bind.  

This means that they invented a spike protein, which was more toxic than the spike proteins of the man-made SARS-C0V2 virus and other pre-existing coronaviruses. The antibodies, whose production it would trigger, would be ineffective at preventing covid-19 infections or any coronavirus infections for that matter.

They knew that the injections would induce production of this hyper-toxic spike protein, and that this would trigger the production of antibodies, which would have no benefit for preventing coronavirus infections. The injections would produce “all harm and no benefit”.

The FDA was aware of this and their own documents show it. The FDA approved the emergency use authorization of the Pfizer injection knowing:

  • the injections do not prevent severe covid-19 disease

  • the injections cause severe disease during the 7 days post injection.

Incidentally, the latter reality is covered up in Canada and many places by “not defining” someone as vaccinated until two weeks after they are injected.

The FDA knew that the injections do not prevent coronavirus infections or severe disease. They knew that the genetic injections produced a hyper-toxic spike protein in their victims. They knew that many people would become severely ill following the injections.

Thus with criminal intent, the FDA approved the jabs, supported the massive coerced injection campaigns, and governments created fake statistics by pretending that people who became ill in the initial weeks following their injection, were “unvaccinated”.

The details regarding Pfizer’s EUA application, the FDA’s support for clinical trials in children, and their later approval for these deadly injections for routine administration to children, is even more apauling. The evidence of criminal intent by the FDA is conclusive.  

“The FDA’s approval of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines is not only fraudulent, it is conspiracy to commit premeditated battery and murder of Americans with a biological weapon.” – Karen Kingston.

For more details click here, and to follow or support Karen Kingston’s work, visit her substack.

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