Real Hope in Alberta

Dr Makis explains how quickly a legitimate provincial government can fix things and let the healing begin.

Currently, most of Canada continues its downward spiral into Bill Gates’ genocidal dystopia. The Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons in all our provinces have devotedly served the covid agenda and been ring leaders in crimes against humanity. They continue unrepentant; but there is tangible hope hope in Alberta.

While Trudeau and other premiers are serving Canadians… to the WEF on a platter; Alberta’s new government is intent on actually working for the people. In this 5 minute clip with Maryanne Gebauer, Dr William Makis explains how quickly good politicians can end the CPSA’s crime spree and liberate ethical honest health, starting in Alberta.

Many good Canadian physicians are worried. We wonder and strategize on how to start treating covid “vaccine” injured, denied and abandoned Canadians. Across Canada, including in my province of Ontario, the CPS’s weaponize and abuse their power against any physician who so much as recognizes the injuries, let alone treats them. Alberta may soon be a place where our best doctors migrate and start cleaning up the biological mess created by the covid-criminals across our nation.  

Here’s more related good news from Alberta: COVID vaccine critic Dr. Paul Alexander to speak with Alberta Health.

Here something from one of Canada’s tax-payer funded, WEF friendly propagandists. They put their spin on it, and even continue promoting the immune system destroying covid injections,  but the plethora of sick children after two years of masks,isolation, and forced injections speaks volumes.