CPSO “Vaccine” Exemptions and Trypanophobia

You're not afraid of Dying. You're afraid of needles.

Please allow me five minutes to show you advice that Ontario physicians are receiving from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, to deal with people who are seeking a medical exemption from the experimental genetic covid injections.

Apologies, here is the VAERS Adverse Events image that was intended to appear as the fourth slide. Here is a great site where you can see the USA VAERS data well presented and updated regularly.

This table presents the numerical VAERS totals up to 20221007
Notice in every adverse parameter, the covid injections are followed by more harm than all vaccines, for all diseases, for all of thirty years combined. This includes more than three times the death, and more than five times the birth defects. VAERS is a voluntary reporting system, and many experts estimate the actual number of deaths and other adverse events are up to one hundred times higher than the numbers above.