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Hallelujah! Alberta’s New Premier Danielle Smith

The new premier of Alberta Canada apologized to all Albertan victims of covid-19 medical discrimination and apartheid. She's exploring the path to amnesty for all who were charged in this abuse of power.

This is wonderful news friends! This is leadership. This is the good future, the better way, the path to justice, the rule of law, and the return of human rights. Thank you Premier Danielle Smith! We support you.

Danielle Smith is the 19th premier of Alberta, Canada. She took office very recently on October 11, 2022. She has been the leader of the United Conservative Party of Alberta since October 6, 2022.

Thanks to Selene Galas and Rebel News for asking the questions.

Link to source article: https://www.rebelnews.com/huge_alberta_premier_apologizes_to_unvaccinated…

More about Alberta’s great new leader, and a way to send her thanks and support: https://www.alberta.ca/premier.aspx

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