Real Hope in Alberta

Dr Makis explains how quickly a legitimate provincial government can fix things and let the healing begin. Currently, most of Canada continues its downward spiral into Bill Gates’ genocidal dystopia. The Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons in all our provinces have devotedly¬†served the covid agenda and been ring leaders in crimes against humanity. They continue… Continue reading Real Hope in Alberta

Dr Trozzi | Big Pharma’s Future | Part 1

Dr Trozzi introduces Panel 5 of the Better Way Conference in Vienna, and speakers Dr Cosford, Dr Guetzkow, Dr Vanden Bossche, and Dr Verkerk On Sept 17, 2022, at the Better Way Conference¬†in Vienna, Austria, I was honored to host a panel of experts discussing what should the future of “big pharma” be. This panel… Continue reading Dr Trozzi | Big Pharma’s Future | Part 1