Dr Trozzi | Big Pharma’s Future | Part 1

Dr Trozzi introduces Panel 5 of the Better Way Conference in Vienna, and speakers Dr Cosford, Dr Guetzkow, Dr Vanden Bossche, and Dr Verkerk

On Sept 17, 2022, at the Better Way Conference in Vienna, Austria, I was honored to host a panel of experts discussing what should the future of “big pharma” be.

This panel occured in five parts beginning with my introduction. In the hours preceding this panel, global experts had detailed the disturbing physical injuries, death, and autopsies of covid injection victims, as well as mental health insults resulting from the covid-crimes-against-humanity en’total. Needless to say as our panel was set to begin, the great crowd needed a little uplifting and laughter, before diving into the crimes and carnage of “big pharma”. I hope this introduction by myself was uplifting and a little humorous, without being distasteful. Please enjoy!

The Better Way events from September 15 through 19, 2022 in Vienna, Austria were hosted by We Show Our Faces and co-sponsored by the World Council for Health.