Leading Cause of Death in Alberta is “Unknown”

In the year of the jab, 2021, deaths shot up around the world, but in Alberta the new cause of death is supposedly "unknown". The injections are "safe and effective" - not.

Prior to 2019, Alberta’s annual cause of death statistics did not even include an “unknown cause” category, but in the year of the jab 2021, it is supposedly the “leading cause of death”.   

VAERS, UK data, and other sources of health data from around the world all show massive increases in excess deaths; not when covid was launched; but rather with the mass launch of the forced injection campaigns. 

USA life insurance analysts report 60% to 80% increased death rates in young demographic groups. The same is true in Canada. This is unheard of historically , even during war. Undeterred by reality, meat puppets still call the genetic bioweapon injections “safe and effective vaccines”.

The injections are still pushed on the public by governments, medical regulators, and dinosaur media.

Now, in Alberta a highly suspicious statistic anomaly has appeared. The province’s cause-of-death statistics now list the leading cause of death as “other ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality”.

Perversely, adverse effects of the forced injections do not even appear in the top ten, unless it is part of number 10 which is “accidental poisoning”. Across the country doctors come under attack for even just attempting to report adverse effects and deaths following the injections.   

Here you can have a look or download the data for yourself. Alberta provincial cause of death data from 2001 to 2021:

Here is some great gas lighting on this subject by the tax dollar funded propagandists at CTV news:  https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/deaths-with-unknown-causes-now-alberta-s-top-killer-province-1.5975536