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International Covid Summit |Good News From Romania

Canada may still be captured, but truth and liberty are gaining some ground on planet Earth

Though  names and faces in Canada’s governments and institutions are still suppressing science, violating human rights, muzzling and persecuting nurses, doctors and scientists , while promoting adulterated and contaminated dangerous genetic injections, there are some bright spots in the world. Here is my short announcement about events I will be participating in  with the Romanian government this weekend. You are warmly invited to join  us for free on line. Check out the international line up and important topics.

To livestream the events freely, and for more information, go to: InternationalCovidSummit.com 

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  1. Thank you Dr. Trozzi. I have been following you from the start. I never had the opportunity to meet you in person, although, when you were in emergency, I ended up in Sunnybrook emergency several times for my partner who had several serious accidents. You truly stand out and stand up for us all. Much gratitude and many blessings.

  2. Thank you so much, Dr. Trozzi
    You are a warrior for health care that satisfies that definition. Care to make sure our health is protected, not lost.

  3. Please post your speech so people can listen to it anytime they want !
    Perhaps Rumble. I could post it on Twitter as well.
    Thanks, Wojciech

  4. all the best at Romania ! But remember this country is in NATO and EU…meaning it is still not a free country.
    I was in Euforie /Constanta in my teens. Ceaucescu had just started to rule there. Have a good trip and stay safe !

  5. So glad you continue to work ,what seems like tirelessly ,for many of us who are aware of the capture here in Canada . I look forward to your posts and am doing what I can for the organizations who are fighting against the narrative . Loved seeing the remarkable people, like yourself at Glen’s, Bright Light News events at the capital on Eglinton .

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