Injected Football Players rendered powerless

Romania's top club rejects "vaccinated" players. UK legend Matt Le Tissier looking for answers.

1. Romania's top club rejects "vaccinated" players

Romania’s most famous football team, Steaua Bucharest, bans “VACCINATED” players, because they are “powerless”.

Gigi Becali

Romanian businessman and owner of the club, Gigi Becali has announced Steaua Bucharest will ban all players “vaccinated” against Covid-19 from playing for them. Becali stated that players vaccinated against coronavirus are ‘powerless’.

In this story, we also learn, with little surprise, that Romania has some Big Pharma/W.H.O. stooges in their government, like the ones we have in Canada, Australia, Austria, Israel and almost everywhere. These stooges spew non-sense with great authority and end their sentences with exclamation marks. They also ban speech and prosecute scientists, doctors, nurses, activists, truck drivers, or anyone daring to expressing a counter opinion. In Canada these meat-puppets  chant “safe and effective”, while persecuting honest real experts who say otherwise; and they call us “racists”.

Some of the Canadian experts persecuted for disagreeing with Trudeau Regime

The Romanian Nuremberg Code and Syracusa Principles violating globalist puppets in  government counter Becali’s observation with this: ‘Vaccinated footballers do NOT lose their strength after being vaccinated against COVID-19! “

Do they know that people have internet and see things like these?

Or perhaps, like Canada and the USA, Romania has Dominion Voting Systems, so they don’t care what the people think. They’re appointed, not elected.

2. UK legend Le Tissier looking for answers, and getting resistance.

British Football legend Matt Le Tissier spoke to the World Council for Health General Assembly February 28, 2022. He stated that in his 17 year professional career, he never saw players collapsing, having heart attacks, or dying on the field. Since the forced and coerced covid injections have been rolled out, footballers are dropping like flies. Tissier admits that he is not a doctor or scientist and that he does not know why. However, his search for answers has been met with inappropriate resistance and anger.

Le Tissier's football career was impressive. Here are ten of his most famous goals: