Dr. Mark Trozzi

Dr Trozzi Responds to Twitter Suspension

Differentiating the call for lawful justice, from inciting violence

Yesterday Twitter suspended our account. More than 10,000 subscribers began the migration to join our larger audience who subscribe to our newsletter and follow us with no interference here on my website.

Please download the video here and upload to your Twitter channel and other platforms.


I will also write twitter, and trust Mr Elon Musk and his staff to restore this account so we can include twitter among the platforms where we provide important life saving information and resources.

Here is Twitter's notice of suspension:

Exposing covid crimes, perusing justice, restoring human rights, re-establishing the rule of law, and providing vital health information for everyone, especially victims of the covid-19 injections; all must continue, regardless of the censors.

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20 million dead from covid vaccines:

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  1. The powers that be don’t like to be called to account for their murderous ways or democide. I have been suspended from X for expressing similar thoughts.

    1. Most likely not. But even if he knew, he would do nothing. I think our doctor crossed the line with his ‘noose’ comment. X cannot afford to ignore it. Too many people wishing bad for Musk and X , wait for any even slightest opportunity to jump on this platform.

  2. Apart from seeing how twitter could construe that tweet as threatening,etc,the other problem is their algorithm.

    I got a 3 day suspension some moths back for saying: “…can they hang themselves any better” in regards to a political party.

    A colleague(ex Canadian army medic)got a 24 hr suspension the same weekend for saying: “Joining the Canadian Armed Forces at this point would be suicidal.”

    This type of thing happens on YouTube and other social media also.

  3. sadly i was suspended and lost whole account a few weeks ago hence why MJW_DC is no longer around. suspect they are gearing up for a new round of covid and the US elections

  4. Dear Dr. Trozzi I too was permanently suspended this week. I routinely posted your newsletters so will be unable to do so on Twitter. Mine was also for “violence”, which was actually a sarcastic reply to a silly response by someone. There was no violence intended in my remark but they didn’t like that reason in my appeal. I’m now in GETTR and will post your daily newsletters there. Keep them coming. God bless.

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