Dr David Martin | Covid Terrorism, Murder, and Racketeering

The weaponization of the spike protein of the WIV1 Wuhan virus has a paper trail. The covid enterprise is a case of premeditated mass murder. Trudeau is deeply involved.

Global intellectual property expert Dr David Martin has compiled overwhelming evidence of the crimes involved in the creation and launch of the Wuhan virus, as well as the creation and coerced administration of the covid bioweapon injections.

He is also leading effective action in US courts including the court victory that ended “mask” mandates” in Florida airlines, the Utah filing against the forced injections, and pending criminal indictments.

We can take actions, follow and support his work at Prosecute Now.

Dr Martin leads the way and encourages us to focus all our efforts “directly on the criminal prosecution of terrorists who have now aided and abetted in the murder of millions”

This includes Trudeau and other Canadian institutions and people. Dr Martin states “Any law enforcement official who is doing anything in support of Trudeau is aiding and abetting the criminal acts of the government of Canada, the criminal acts of the University of British Columbia, and the criminal acts of Acuitas, Alcanna and its principles Thomas Madden and Pieter Cullis