The Nuremberg Code 75th Anniversary Today

Here is a 3 minute message from my friends and colleagues

Dr Tess Lawrie, Dr Ryan Cole, Professor Martin Haditsch, Dr Ronald Weikl, and Professor Sucahrit Bhakdi.

Seventy five years ago, on August 19th 1947, in the German city of Nuremberg, the military tribunal against the leading medical officers of the Nazi administration concluded. The judges passed their verdict and issued the Nuremberg Code.

The covid crimes against humanity are an absolute violation of the Nuremberg Code; they must be terminated and prosecuted.

August 20th, 2022 join the live Nuremberg event anytime between 7 AM and 2 PM EDT online here: 

Here are the full press release details:

Dr Trozzi’s message to physicians and other health care workers issued in April 2021 urging others not to participate in the covid crimes, and rather to adhere to the Nuremberg Code, Hippocratic Oath and more: Doctors, Nurses, Ethics and the Law