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New Zealand PM Chris Hipkins should join Jacinda Ardern, Trudeau, and other self serving political narcissists on route to the gallows for their roles in covid crimes against humanity.

Chris Hipkins is the current PM of New Zealand. It replaced Jacinda Ardern. Hipkins just dressed up like a respectable human being and officially declared that “there was no compulsory vaccination” and “people made their own choices” in New Zealand.

 Is this silver-spoon-fed creature just lying, or does it not understand that for us humans, providing food and shelter for our children is compulsory?

I enter this short video as one piece of evidence for Hipkins’ well-deserved trial for crimes against humanity.

Hipkins and Ardern’s New Zealand Labour Party have carried out a reign of terror, with extreme coercion of covid-19 injections and severe violations of human rights since the launch of covid.

Another silver-spoon-fed narcissist tool of the global covid agenda:

Yet another:

Dr Trozzi grassroot video from April 2021. Doctors, Nurses, Ethics, and Law

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  1. Love the sign language girl stabbing herself in the arm every time these WEF puppets say the word vaccinated. POS! FU!

  2. That reporter (a total dick BTW) asks Jabcinda “how did it make you feel?” and she says


    Yeah well I’m pretty tired of the lot of them too.

    Currently we are heading into an election in NZ. Party and candidate signs are up all over the place. Guys like Michael “vaccine protestors are an antisemitic river of filth” Woods are campaigning. He will probably get in parliament again because he’s the MP for Handout Heaven Mt. Roskill- a suburb of Auckland with lots of immigrants.

    We have two main parties in NZ: Labour (NZ’s democrats) and National (NZ’s republicans).

    The difference is that in NZ our Dems (Labour) are Red, and the Repubs (National) are Blue, but we still have that Red and Blue system squeezing us from both sides. The Labour party is very, very red too. The Greens are even more red though.

    Like the Joker said, people will get what they deserve if they vote for these people. I suspect we are probably doomed in the long term.

    When Jabcinda was working for Pfizer and going vax crazy, the “opposition” National Party was berating Labour for “not doing enough” and “letting Covid in” and “failing to vaccinate enough people”.

    With opposition like that, Labour had a cake walk. Why was she tired?

  3. There are days when it feels like there will never be enough rope for all these severely twisted individuals.

    1. How on earth can anybody mandate anything knowing the last batch didn’t protect infection or spread? Pfizer, Moderna , CDC all publically admitted this????
      Now we know of lots of serious health problems that any idiot could conclude just by the timing and studies peer reviewed.
      Any person with any sense realizes the disease is almost a nothing burger for the vast majority.
      How can they possibly do this if not to depopulate further.
      Is there any explanation that makes any sense other than that??

      1. Dude that’s an eyes-glaze-over line of questioning you have there.

        I was talking to someone (who had previously been annoyed about being forced to get the vax) and he said the vax was tested “for years” and “was proven to be safe”.

        I then asked him why something “proven safe after years and years of testing” needs an EUA? His smirking response: are you a conspiracy theorist?

        That’s the level of stupidity we are dealing with, and this guy was anti-vax after shot 2. Maybe the booster just messed with his brain? He also beat Hipkins to the punch by 18 months and told me back in 2022 that nobody was forced to take it, everybody had a choice. This was the same guy complaining about having to take it to keep his job the year before. I actually thought he was on our side. Now he’s busy trying to stop his daughter transitioning. I don’t think he understands what he’s up against there. He probably thinks Covid and the trans agenda are completely separate, but they are both driven by the same forces. He’ll never figure it out.

        It boggles my mind how people think. They constantly surprise me.

  4. Christopher Luxon of the (NZ) National Party, And David Seymour of the ACT Party- the two main opposition parties of NZ–were vehement that Labour did not go far enough with mandates. And they would have all pensioners, and all beneficiaries of government funding mandated as well. These fellows should be on tape.

  5. Chris Hipkins and Jacinda Arden are two sick people, I hope they pay a heavy price for the death, injury and suffering for which they are responsible. These types of personalities will not recognize their crimes, so be it.

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